Winter Berries

I bet a lot of you think I only wear black and things with studs on them (with the occasional leopard print).  I do actually love colour, and purple and the berry colours in particular, especially in Autumn and Winter!

I broke into my winter woollies box and dragged out a few coats and jackets I’m dying to wear. Here’s a preview of some of my warm weather gear, as paired with some of my hats, and a fave skirt of mine. Yep, the flared skirt is a surprise too – it is an ethnic/paisley/folk kinda print in berry colours, and I remember the day I bought it – because it was the day of the Fiji coup, In Suva!

Nothing was gonna stop me shopping after a few weeks on the islands, and so I hopped on the bus that day and had a lovely time chatting to a few local girls on the way to Suva, as occasionally we passed checkpoints with smiling guys with guns waving us through.

Anyway, onto the outfit shots, eh?

This grey equestrian hat was the first hat I ever blocked.
Of course, I had to have stockings and shoes in accompanying berry colours.

Then there’s the pink fake snakeskin jacket paired with the straw boater, for not-so-cold days.

The final looks are my gorgeous fake grey fur coat bought from a vintage store in Reading about 8 years ago, worn with a fake fur (ocelot print) hat made by me…

…and my hot pink furry rave jacket

That’s enough camwh0ring for now. (But there are heaps more jackets to try with outfits in the coming cool months…)  What colours do you turn to in Winter?


  1. Thank you! And yeah, I've been thinking of doing a Dolly Kei outfit post, using this skirt and also an Indian dress I have which is all brown and rust and paisley….definitely a thought!

    I should do a make-up post too – there are heaps out there, lord knows, but most are fairly "natural" make-up, whereas I often do exaggerated make-up for clubs. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. Oh I am just loving all of these hats! I would love to learn to block felt hats someday 😀

  3. The hats do tend to come out more in the cooler months..although that boater could be worn anytime (it's a very gal look that one, isn't it).

    You'd be *ace* at hatmaking – you're such a stickler for detail in everything you do 🙂