Wednesday whinge: omigod, I’ve become a blogslob!

It crept up on me the other day.


Blogslob: one who spends an inordinate amount of time on own blog, other blogs, twitter, facebook, google analytics etc etc…to the point where she is neglecting household duties (and possibly personal hygiene).

As evidenced by:
* the clothes washed by my husband piling up on the spare bed,
* the fashion magazines piling up on the couch (forcing me to sit further and further up it to watch tv),
* dishes sitting in the dishwasher,
* recycling starting to peep out of the top of the baskets,
* make-up/lenses/hair products piling up on the bathroom sink…need I go on?

Not that all chores are mine to do…but as I’ve been making a lot of the untidiness, I oughtta be clearing it up.


Nor have I been making time to do the creative stuff that’s in my head – millinery projects such as the pillbox I wanna make.
Nor have I been exercising.
Nor socialising, except on Friday/Sat nights at bars/clubs.

Yesterday I started my get-back-into-life strategy. After all, one has to have a rounded life or the blog will get boring, no?

  • While waiting for husband to get home I tidied the loungeroom. Tidying – tick.
  • I went running with my husband before dinner. Exercise – tick.
  • After showers (personal hygiene – tick), we met up with a friend for dinner at the Coopers Arms. Socialising – tick.
  • This morning, I spent 40 minutes cleaning the kitchen (and you have no idea how much I hate doing that). Cleaning – tick.
  • Then I did some online banking, paying bills and the like. Finances – tick.
  • After this, I’m going through the mounds of clothes on the spare bed, to get it ready for UK guest coming on Sunday. Tidying and houseproudness – tick.

Anyway, you get the drift.

Previous attempts to limit my time on the internet have failed – I give myself an hour and then have to be off, but when the hour comes, I blythely keep going. The only thing that seems to work for me, certainly when it comes to home  maintenance, is an enforced goal like a guest coming.

And luckily for me, my husband is now getting into the fitness thing. I’ve been going running without him for the past few years, so him coming on board makes it a bit easier to decide when I’m dithering, to just GO. The next 2 days I’m at work anyway, so the blog will just have to wait (or perhaps I can prepare some posts tonight in readiness, heh).

How do you cope with the challenge of fitting blogging into your everyday life? How do you ensure it doesn’t take up all your waking hours?


  1. I dealt with this once. It can happen to anyone. I just started going out more again. It fixed the situation real quick.

  2. I've stopped using my desk chair and instead just sit on pile of clothes that need to be washed while I blog. Does that make me a blogslob?

  3. Siouxsie – bwahahahahaaa!!
    The Ghost – I have too (gone out), by necessity, but it's when I have a few days off in a row that the potential sets in.