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It was back in June last year that I last wrote about my love for gauzy, cobwebby fabrics.

Since then I’ve purchased a cobweb top from Topshop that I have worn to death, and still love to bits.  Sadly, that style is no longer offered, but here are some more cool items in either a loose weave knit or gauzy fabric for you to drool over.

Topshop cropped jumper                                  Portmans jumper (I think I’ve seen these in black in-store)


Dotti jumpers


Staying with our good ole aussie brands for a moment, MinkPink is doing extremely well. I kept seeing it in boutiques when I was last in Japan, and it has also been popping up a lot in the gyaru fashion mags such as Glamorous (along with stablemate Evil Twin ). These 2 brands really kick it up a notch in the cool-factor department, and boy do I want to buy some of these!



Evil Twin


Some more offerings for those more designery inclined, from Shopbop :

                                Kain Label                                                                         Rag and Bone


and dresses from Temperley London in metallic brass or silver – they look like chainmail, don’t you think?


With Japan coming into their Summer season, I did see a lot of gauzy capes on my recent visit, as well as summer jumpers – knitwear with extremely open weave – like these:



Ghost of Harlem

the dress has a reall great cobweb back too:

This is available at the Rakuten store Ottimo, tho the black is sold out.

…and don’t get me started on their fab new “Grunge Bikers” collection – that’s getting a post of its own 🙂

Glad News

That should encourage you to try this current trend for yourself (and DIYers can always pull threads in their own clothes to achieve the same effect). I love it when something on-trend is also tremendously wearable, even in casual outfits. Of course, we gothy types will love these in black, perhaps with a skull tee showing through beneath. Have you already bought an open-knit or gauzy top or cape this season?


  1. I have only one knit long shrug like thing, I don’t think I really like knits?
    Glad I am reading your blog again! ^^

    • Ah, not all knits are the same. There are daggy jumpers for sure, but I think the cobwebby ones can look really cool! Welcome back, and your new blog looks good 🙂

      • Thank you! Feel fre to follow me again! ^^

        I don’t think I really like the feel of knits either? Too itchy perhaps?

  2. These are great. I will have to try to find out how to get Glad News in the states.

    • Rakuten is good, and there are a few japanese buying sites…I should do a post on them actually! Will dig out some info for ya – Glad News really is one of my fave brands now, as it has skulls and punk motifs ALL THE TIME!

  3. I love our matching cobweb tops! Oh, and we both have the white Esperanza boots too, right? I think I know what I’m going to wear next time we meet up! 😉

    PS: Good luck with the house buying! It’s stressful but worth it the end! 🙂


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