Updated Moroccan room with fake weathered flooring

Back in August 11 I posted about my Moroccan Palm Room – aka the little sunroom connecting the loungeroom to the balcony.

Well, 18 months and two dogs later and the carpet’s dishevelled and the flooring in need of a major overhaul. Thanks god for Bunnings!

I decided to go for a vinyl floor in a  weathered driftwood type woodtone. I much prefer the aged greyish look to the golden tone you see in much timber flooring. Keeping the moroccan feel, I took out a few palms and put in a comfy chair in which to sit, read and soak up the sun. Check it out:


There are now three different woods in the room with the screen and the little table being different again, but I don’t mind that. With different decor, the floor would lend itself to a beach feel, so trendy right now.  See it close up – all the knots and grain look so good, even though it’s a totally manufactured product (and so easy to clean!)

I’m not the only one who enjoys the sunny corner….look what happens if I get up!


If you’re bored with your floor, why not go and visit your local hardware store and see what they have? I got hubby to install the flooring, first putting on a primer, cutting the slats to fit, peeling off the backing strip and sticking to the floor – too easy!

Have you done any DIY or home improvements recently? Are you happy with the results?