Tokyo tomorrow!

It occurs to me that this is my last post before japan – unless I manage to squeeze one in tonight!

What sort of things am I hoping to get into and achieve while I’m there?

I’d like to take a lot of pics of the street fashion *I* like, as well as other amusing things, beautiful architecture etc as per usual.

I’m also gonna be hitting a LOT of shops and trying to get a sense of trends and what is hot.

I’ll be hitting a lot of parties, gigs and bars…and likewise taking fun shots.

As a return customer to Kabukicho (if you like), I’d love to delve more into the scene there, find out more about the hosts and hosteses…and I’d REALLY love to get my hair done all big with wavy curls like a hostess! Perhaps at one of their hairdressers that are like 5 floors up – and get make-up doen too.

I want to catch up with my mates in the goth scene there…and find out a bit more about their lives, their fashion sense etc..

I’m also hoping for a couple of photoshoots in Shinjuku park (say), or on the streets of Harajuku…self-timer and willing friends will be necessary for this!

I also want to explore some new parts of Tokyo, and revisit some of my faves such as Shimokita (and check out the vintage stores there), Koenji, Kichijoji and more.

So it’ll be part fashion blog, part travel blog, part gig/club review, lotsa people watching…and a whole lotta fun!!

I may miss a day here or there, but be sure I will be updating while I’m there…so stay tuned 🙂


  1. Good morning Asian Friends!! One friend from Greece

    The link above is my site. Please visit my site. Thank you my friends from wonderful Australia and Japan

  2. Have fun!! xo

  3. Thanks Steph!! Having fun already, as the host boys are trying to get me to take their cards – it must be the new extensions 🙂