Tim Burton

Most of us in the alternative/goth community LOVE Tim Burton, as do a helluva lot of other people. We love the fantasy element that isn’t sickly sweet but dark and ominous, which reminds us that humans are a complex and twisted bunch. Or as the Doors, and Echo & the Bunnymen put it, “People Are Strange”.

If you’re new to Tim Burton, you could do worse than head here

or to the Tim Burton Collective here

Exciting news for people in the US is the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA . (Old news, I know, but I want to keep my TB links all here in one place 🙂 From November 22 to April 26, a major Tim Burton career retrospective is happening – and it’s certainly made me think seriously about jumping on a plane to go see it!

And now US Harpers Bazaar has done a stunning fashion tribute to the man and his work:

Just one amazing image from the shoot.

Tonight I’m heading off to a performance of “The Surgical Sideshow“, which is a theatrical piece inspired by Tim Burton, and featuring creatures called “Skellingtons”.

And I’m already planning my TB inspired outfit – there will be stripes, there will be PVC, and there may even be those thigh-high Pleaser boots I’ve had in the wardrobe these past 4 or 5 years. They’re in fashion now, and I can wear them out without looking like a streetwalker – YAAAYY!! (Well, I may still look like a lady of the night, but I can justify it by saying “I’m ON TREND darling!!”)