The girl with the dragon tattoo tights…..and the spine heeled boots

AKA “These spine-heeled boots were made for walkin’ round Shinjuku”.

I thought I’d post this Vlog from when I was in Tokyo – filmed in my little room at the Hotel Vintage Shinjuku. In it I show off some fashion finds, like these amazing tattoo tights (below) from the infamous and fabulous gyaru mall Shibuya 109:

punk tattoo tights  punk goth japanese tattoo tights

japanese goth punk tattoo tights

The store is called Poco a Poco, and it has an extensive range of tights, including Celeste Stein.  See the Poco a Poco official website for the full range. Mine are the Dragon Tattoo tights. I felt so hip and trendy wearing these, I tell you; I just wish they came in a non-footless version.

I also bought some tights in turquoise leopard (so me).

punk tights

I also show off the Dsquared2 spine heel knock-off boots from Glad News (still my fave gal store)

spine heeled boots from Glad News

spine heels on Glad News boots

The boots are here in the Glad News webstore, (but they’re sold out except for a few left in small).

I also show a strange accessory that looks like a black PVC octopus, to be worn as a shoulder accessory or even a bustle! I saw it in Sexpot Revenge Harajuku (where I purchased it), and also in Nude n’ Rude. I have updated posts on these stores coming up soon; for past blog posts see my previous Nude n’ Rude post, and Sex Pot Revenge store in Harajuku.

I also chat about some of the walks I’ve been filming round Shinjuku, and what I’ve been up to. But heck, enough about what’s in it, why not have a look for yourself?

I also bought a pair of spiked ankle boots from Dog in Harajuku, that were Lita knock-offs. What do you think of the spine heeled knock-off boots? Given that they cost a third of the price of the original shoes, would you buy them? Have you ever bought knock-off iconic footwear? What are your faves? If you know of any other cool tattoo tights, do share as well!


  1. Ahhh I have the same turquoise leopard tights! From Nadia right? I find the legs on them a little too short but I’m hoping that they’ll stretch enough eventually. Let me know how you get on with your’s!

  2. They probably sell them in Nadia too, but I got mine both at 109. And I being short (155cm or 5’2″), have the opposite problem! Often the legs are too LONG for me! :/

  3. Spines as heels?! That’s so rad!


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