Takuya Angel Harajuku lash style

One store I always visit when in Harajuku is Takuya Angel.

Partly to see Sisen when he’s there, partly to see Takuya, partly to pick up flyers for the various Goth clubs  and definitely to check out the fantastic eyelashes (the only things I can afford in the store!). In the past they were made by ViVi, and now by Akiko.

My fave lashes from ViVi are the ones I wear on my bottom lashline here: turquoise glitter lashes with fluoro yellow tips. (The ones on the top are from Okadaya – another fab store for all sorts of things).

And I found a few pics showing the top lashes by Vivi, where you can see the fluoro yellow bobble tips:
Here are some other great ones ViVi has designed, available from JAFCA (see more ViVi lashes here). They come in vivid fluoro colours, with glitter, with jewels, with little butterflies, hearts, bows..and even planes!!
ViVi has been profiled by Style Arena in their Tokyo Premiere Style here.
But back to the Takuya Angel store. Now the lashes instore are made by Akiko. The latest range includes lashes with little butterflies, ribbons & bows, wings, stars, and decora touches like little sweeties!!
If you can’t get to Harajuku, you can buy Takuya Angel lashes online, and shipping info is here. You can also read more at his new blog on ameblo.
Below are the various lashes I wore to Tokyo Decadance Halloween party last year (see my post for more). The ones on the bottom and my cheeks are from Takuya Angel. The purple ones on top are from Shu Uemura.
If you’d like to see more, here’s a Telemakfilms clip of a Takuya Angel fashion show, which has frequent close-ups of the amazing lashes used there, as well as showcasing the fashion.
These are some of the maddest lashes I’ve seen – what are your favourites?
Of course, make-up artist Pat McGrath is queen of the crazy OTT lash – she even uses them on eyebrows!
Some other places for crazy lashes:
My Monday Mission for you, is to wear some ‘out there’ lashes once in the next fortnight – maybe to the pub, club, a dinner party, kids party, a picnic…or even just to camwhore at home. Send me a link to your pics, as I’ll be doing a follow-up post.  Go on, bat those lashs!


  1. Those are SO amazing… I'm totally drooling over them!

  2. They ARE…but expect to shell out between $30 and $70 for them 0_o It makes it expensive if you lose one, as I have *sob*

  3. wow are they heavy to wear?

  4. Ququ – well, I've never worn ones with little bows or aeroplanes on them, but as for ones like the V-064, they're just fine! Have you worn some before that felt heavy? Some of the feathery ones can be a bit droopy.

  5. aren't they a bit heavy? especially the ones with ribbons, bows, and wings?

  6. I think I have seen this place before. Is it near Jack`s?

  7. Hehe YES!! I think I read the other day that someone from the Tokyo Cramps works at Jacks? Is that right?

  8. where can I buy the eyelashes?


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