Takuya Angel DJ Bar opens tomorrow!

2 weeks today, and I’ll be in Tokyo!!

And there’s a brand new development I’m fully intending to check out.

From tomorrow night, February 26, Takuya Angel is hosting DJ parties at his store in Harajuku, from 8pm til 11pm. Entry is 500 yen, but drinks will be provided – however, you can bring your own (there are convenience stores nearby).

Takuya is after DJ’s to play there too, so if you’re in Tokyo or heading there soon, hit him up with a sample of your work. I’m sure he’ll be spinning his own discs to start, so you can have a listen before purchasing 🙂
If you’re not sure where the store is and how to get there, check out my other post on the Takuya Angel store.  If you’re going, perhaps I’ll meet you there on the 12th of March!