Ales Wigs and Extensions, Harajuku

While wandering around the backstreets of Harajuku with Valerie last week, I came across the fabulous store Ales.

I used to be hugely into dreadlocks and falls, and am still into wigs in a big way, so seeing this showroom made my heart go giddy-up!
 There were more dreadlocks than you could poke a stick at, more fringes, extension hair in every colour, even the fashionable new twotone…


oh, and a vast array of false eyelashes as well…

But really, it was all about the wigs, baby! There were styles for lolitas, gyaru, disco babes, sensible girls…everyone!

Honestly, if you are into fake hair at all and you come to Tokyo, you MUST visit this place!! You will be soooo tempted…as I was….

Kawaii!! Yep, I was so taken with the wig that I bought it. (Waddya reckon, by the way?) And I have my eyes on some others for next time….

Ales Wig & Extension Showroom
Hours: 9am – 8pm every day
Address: 2F Tominaga BLD. 6-9-1 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN 150-0001
Nearest station: JR Harajuku Station. Subway Meiji Jingu Mae Station

Plastikhaar sale!

I just wanted to let you know there’s a massive sale over at my favourite online fake hair and wigstore – Plastikhaar.

There are beautiful colours galore, as well as natural ones.
So what are you waiting for? Go and check out their mad sale!!!

Now, full wigs aren’t part of the sale, but they have so many beautiful ones, I just had to show you a few here, including lolita wigs, visual kei wigs, cyber geisha wigs and more:

and who could forget Plastikhaar’s awesome mohawk leopard wig!

Gothic Lolita clothing; Algonquins and Ann Vanilla; Alamode Markets; Plastikhaar wig

I my last post I mentioned some of the labels I wore to the Black Cherry night, and I’d like to share a bit more about them here.

The skirt

Algonquins is the designer of the skirt I wore (also mentioned in this Tokyo shopping post).


Algonquins can be found in the Goth department store La Foret in Harajuku. It also used to be in Marui One in Shinjuku, but now has its own store just across the road. Often seen in Kera magazine, it has a lot of cute outfits, multi frilled skirts, hoodies with cats ears etc, but also punk oriented wear. The staff are incredibly friendly – just this last time I went, they liked the look of me and gave me a little Halloween present, BEFORE I’d even bought anything there!

For more:
Check out Tokyo Rebel’s great Algonquins store tour.
La Carmina has done a great guide to lolita stores in Tokyo, with a photo of an Algonquins store and links including video footage, here.

Where to buy if not in Japan:
Order from Marui One online
Tokyo Rebel – both online and at their NYC store. Tokyo Rebel’s blog updates when new items arrive too 🙂
CD Japan
Clothing Drop

The bolero/jacket

This comes from an independent and upcoming design duo from Tokyo, the label being called Ann Vanilla. They make corsets, lolita dresses, great jackets, skirts and pants. I first discovered them at the Alamode Market earlier this year in Kawasaki. Here’s me with some new friends at the venue, and below that, the market hall.

Twice a year (April and October), the Alamode gothic lolita market is held at Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall. I went to number 12; here is info on Alamode Market 14 in April 2010.  I just might try to make that one too 🙂

Alamode Market gives designers and crafts people who are too small for the stores, a chance to sell their work and make it known. Not only clothing but nail art, illustrated postcards, hats and headwear, jewellery and more is on display. 

You really will just cream yourself if you go – there are so many beautiful, handmade things! And just going there, seeing all these lolitas walking ahead of you, as the cherry trees drip with blossoms overhead, is just divine 🙂


La Carmina does a great rundown on Alamode Markets too.  They are organised by D’s Valentine, who runs Alamode Night (where we are here), and other club nights.

Artism is a great site he maintains, that gives you a rundown of the various clubs coming up in Tokyo (such as ones at which Sisen and Chihiro DJ).  He also runs Alamode Magazine – he’s a very busy man! Yet he found time to welcome me when I first attended Alamode.

But to get back to the original subject, Ann Vanilla and the jacket. I noticed it because of the polka dot patterned fabric, but as I looked more closely at it, I saw all this amaaazing detail. Such as how the front sections form a heart when brought together. And the lovely pleated edging.


There is artistry in how half of the back is pleated – b
ut not just in ordinary vertical pleats, oh no. The designer has made the pleats curve in an S wave. Astonishing!

..and there’s pleating on one of the sleeves as well. Little touches like these make this piece really unique, and worth far more than I paid.
Ann Vanilla will be exhibiting once again at Alamode Markets next year, and can be contacted at, but only if you can type in Japanese, I suspect.

What’s that on your head – A WIG!!

My wig is from Plastikhaar – a FANTASTIC seller of top quality synthetic hair in all colours, dreadlocks, bright hair colour, clip-in streaks, as well as hair accessories, hair care products and tools. This is a wig very similar to mine, but without the dreads.

The Leo-print Aline is a gorgeous rich blue-toned red wig with black leopard print stencilled on one side, in a long A-line with a few dreadlocks in the mix.  (I actually bought it secondhand from Amelia/ DestroyX a couple of years ago when she was returning from Berlin to live in Sydney – it pays to check out your fave style icons’ ebay sales and blog posts!)
If you’d like to see more, look in the wigs section of the online shop. Also check out Sara’s side project ukiyo5 – but beware, you could get lost on that site for hours, mesmerised by the graphics, characters and their stories!
I was going to include a section on the make-up I wore, with close-up shots and a description of what products I used…but I think that can wait for another post.

Have you been to Tokyo and any of the stores or places I mentioned? Where do you get your lolita clothing from? Do you wear wigs?  I tell you, writing this has made me think about when I can return to Tokyo, so I’m off to check out flights…