Koenji stores, part 3

A while back I posted about my visit to Koenji, where I dropped by the Kitakore Building as well as Nude n’ Rude.

Well, for the first time by myself I strolled around just enjoying the atmosphere (back in ’09 and ’10 I’d been led around by friends: see pics from my day out in Nakano & Koenji) .

It’s a funky little town with lots of cobbled streets in which to lose yourself, many pedestrian-only, so you don’t need to dodge traffic.  My japanese friends told me it has been home to punks for many years, and there is a plethora of vintage stores to rival Harajuku, so leave a few hours to dawdle and explore.  There is also a covered mall area near the railway station with a load of groovy stores, such as these:


This is an upmarket vintage fashion store, part of the Zool chain – see the Zool shoplist here for a complete rundown of what is becoming a massive empire – this store is called Tatouage by Zool (Purple).  A lot of late 60’s and 70’s stuff is here, along with more modern styles, and helpfully arranged in colour coded sections. Know you like blues? Head to that rack.

Tatouage by Zool, Vintage store Koenji

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The Leopard Lounge Hair Salon Newtown

I shared my new hairdo a few posts ago; now it’s time to introduce you to the awesomeness of the Leopard Lounge vintage hair salon, where I got it done!

The Leopard Lounge is located in Brown Street, Newtown…just a hop, skip and jump from the main drag of King Street, at the corner of Wilson Street. Even from the outside, you can tell that this is no ordinary hair salon.

Leopard Lounge Hair Salon Newtown

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Festive Dress for the Xmas season – BB Dakota Winsor Silk Dress from Nastygal

I love days off. Not just the sleeping in, but the chance to delve into my wardrobe and wear something gorgeous instead of the drab uniform I have to wear to work!

The other day I posted my haul video from Nasty Gal (which was really a Christmas present to myself)  but not the outfit shots. So here is one of my fave items – the beautiful BB Dakota Winsor Silk dress, as seen on me when out for coffee on Friday. One of my friends is back from living in japan – I think I last saw him when we ate at the Mysterious Neotokyo Fooding Bar in Shinjuku back in September. We met up in Newtown Max Brenner with 2 others who are flying out to Japan in a few days – envious!!

But back to the dress. Florals are in…but I’m not a fan of the tiny flower/Holly Hobby/Little House on the Prairie type prints I’ve seen around a bit. Give me something a little blurred, a little digi-print, and in a spectacular cobalt blue with emerald accents and I’m all over it.

I think the dress has a Mad Men vintage look to it, with the fairly high neckline, fitted bodice and flared skirt – I can just see Betty Draper in it.  I love that it can be worn just as a pretty dress, or toughened up with a leather jacket, killer heels and a wide belt to add modern edge (check out the Nastygal haul video to see my version of this look, and also to see the 50’s version with a big tutu petti underneath).  I wear it here paired with platform shoes (not seen), a skull ring and studded cuff, wide belt from Forever 21, and spiky necklace from Tree of Life. It was a bit too warm for the jacket. 

As it was a sunny day, I wore my fab new Gaga-like sunglasses called “Space Woman Shades” also from NastyGal. I got them in gold too!

Alas I’m working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. But at least on public holidays we can wear casual gear to work instead of uniforms..so on Christmas Day, you can bet I’ll be wearing something glam or funky, and probably red!! Have you bought yourself any groovy gear for Christmas? What will you be wearing Christmas Day?

Nasty Gal December haul video

I bought my first ever clothing frm Nasty Gal recently, and I’m really pleased with what I received. Thank the PTB that everything fit! I got the Funktional “Heavy Metal” dress, the BB Dakota “Winsor Silk” dress, the Leopard Cross top, the Zoe boot (bought years ago actually), and the Space Woman Shades in both black and gold (very Lady Gaga).

Here’s my first ever haul video, and as much as I’m uncomfortable with the concept of haul videos (ie people who can afford hauls being insensitive to those who can’t), I really hope it helps people who may want to buy Nastygal stuff, see how it fits on a little wee gal like myself. We are not all 5’10” glamazons!! We are not all 20 years old, and we are do not all have legs that go on forever. (And some of us MAY have tummies).  And yet…we can look decent and stylish in our way.. so apropos of that..

(At least it’s shorter than my DIY videos…snicker)