Seileen Night at the Decadance Bar (again)

After a few Aussie posts, I think we’re well overdue for some more eyecandy from Tokyo, neh?

I did already post about the Decadance Bar and my first Saturday night there for Seileen. However, my friend Tsuya has posted some great photos that I wanted to share with you all.

Like this one of Tim and Tim. These guys were in Tokyo doing a travel doco, and had just been to an Anime Convention that day with La Carmina, hence their get-up. They were filming again that night.

I think I got filmed as I was talking to Jab (with the black sclera lenses), but we’ll just have to watch the show when it comes out.

Kengo, below, was an amazing bartender and party animal, while Sisen is also consistently interesting to watch.


There were some lovely girls in attendance too, with Mori and Dolly Kei influences on one hand,

and Fairy Kei on the other



And a couple of other interesting bods, Tara with her fangs out, and Jab looking confused:


Less interestingly, there was me, seen here with Tsuya


La Carmina and Lauren looking naughty – you may have seen them on another famous blog, heh!

OK so it’s just more party pictures – but they’re so purdy!

The Decadance Bar, Shinjuku, partying with kooky gothic friends

I think it’s about time I shared my party pics from the first fabulous weekend in Tokyo, when I attended the Decadance Bar for Seileen night. I wrote about the Decadance Bar here, but for the first time I got to actually experience it!!

It was as colourful as I imagined…

though possibly smaller, and with more penises everywhere!! Coco didn’t seem to mind…

The best part was catching up with old friends:

I’m here with Sisen and Selia of Seileen

With G-Sus, Sayaka and Tara. I first met G-Sus at Walpurgis back in March/April, but we chat like old friends now. Tara I met LAST March, in ’09, so it was great to catch up with her again too. Sayaka is a new friend – you make ’em all the time here!

With Shin, Kenny and Tara. Kenny is the “Mr Steampunk” of the Tokyo scene, and often sports fabulously coloured hair, like myself 🙂

BTW, I’m wearing Black Milk skeleton leggings, Deadlygirlz corset, red ruffled skirt from GeoMythik, and white ribcage necklace from MissX.

On the left, I’m seated on the colourful lounge with Jab. Midnight Mess Maya was on the decks for some of the night.

And how could I forget the barperson with the mostest, Kengo? Endlessly entertaining, this one!

And some of the other lovely patrons…like these girls..and La Carmina!

We were so busy chatting to our various friends and partying, that we didn’t get a single photo together this time!! Next time, Gadget…

This time around I did video a fair bit of Shinjuku streets, nightlife and parties…ya just gotta wait for me to upload and edit it all 🙂

Tokyo Doings and Upcoming Posts

I thought it might be a good idea to give you a rundown of what I did while in Tokyo, and what posts you can expect in the next few weeks! A few pics here and there will illustrate.

First weekend:

* Golden Gai with La Carmina and Australian TV Travel Show – when it’s screened, I’ll try to YouTube it, although I think I only appeared when we toasted “Campai”.
* Gothic Bar Heaven – post to come
* Saw 13th Moon & the Cracks at Shinokubo Earthdom – already posted
* Decadance Bar and Seileen Night – post to come

* H. Naoto new store and latest fashion – already posted.
* Takuya Angel store and Hanabi – already posted

During the week:

* Lots of shopping, & noticing of trends, at Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya – post/s to come
* Shops in Shimokita – Nude N Rude, and Kita Kore building – post to come

* New rock bar in West Shinjuku – post to come
* Interviewed Kikirara Shoten!! Post to come
* Visiting Dolly Kei shops Tarock, Virgin Mary and Grimoire – post to come
* Ales wigs – already posted
* New food places in Shinjuku – posts to come
* Decadance bar again, hanging out with Sisen, G-sus and more – post to come

Last weekend:

* Back to Hair of the Dogs in the Golden Gai – post to come

* Merry Go Land – Part 1 posted, still to post Part 2 with pics of the fashionistas there 🙂
* Designer Nozomi Ishiguro – post to come
* Last visit to Decadance Bar and Tokyo Dark Castle – post to come

As well as outfit posts, some pics of new goodies bought..and a competition 🙂

13th Moon and The Cracks @ Shinokubo Earthdom

I just had to visit Harajuku on Saturday, and caught these stunning looking gothic girls on the cosplay bridge (I *THINK* they were all girls)

I also checked out Sex Pot Revenge, and chatted to old pal Ryo who manages the store:

After a visit to La Foret and Takeshita St, it was time to rush home and get ready for the gig at Shinokubo Earthdom.

With fantastic energy as always, despite the oppressive heat, Nao pranced around the stage as a devilish ghoul dandy, and the band 13th Moon gave us our money’s worth. I later chatted to him and fellow deathrocker Eve-kun.

I also met Nao’s lovely girlfriend Miwa, who may look familiar if you checked out the models in the Nude n Rude magazine I linked to in my post the other week.

Next band up were “The Cracks” – and they were awesome, pumping out Psychobilly tunes like mad things. I filmed them, but forgot to take a pic. The singer had a pig-like mask with dangly bits hanging off -a bit like one of those mutants from House of 1000 Corpses.

However, what really impressed me was the wrecking crew down on the dancefloor in front of me – it made me feel right at home! The scene here is much the same as the scene at home – the guys with the uber-sharp quiffs and Meteors t-shirts, the vintage girlies with victory rolls, 50’s dresses and flicked Von Teese eyeliner, and the ubiquitous tatts and piercings. Later I got pics of some of the boys and their rad hairdos.

After that, it was time for me to get back to the hotel and change, in readiness for the Seileen night at the Decadance Bar. This was a fantastic night, and you know I’ll be posting about all the fab goth peoples there in a post soon…