Cobweb Club 2013 – “UNDEAD!”

It is no secret that just about my fave aussie alternative club is the Cobweb Club, which plays goth, deathrock, punk, post-punk and wave.  OK so I may be a little biased, having DJ’d at a few, but it is one of those events I just can’t miss. And neither should you!!

This is a reminder that this Friday, January 25, is the next instalment of the Cobweb Club extravaganza. Theme? Undead. Whether vampires or zombies, mummies or ghosts, demons, skeletons, wraiths, ghouls, or any other party animal without a pulse, you’ll be sure to find some likeminded spirits in the Cobweb Club Catacombs!

So there is your license to go to town costume wise – and there are prizes, from Gallery Serpentine, Death Rattles and more. So hop to it!

I’m already very excited, and have spent many hours researching my costume/look. I’ve been reading up on theatrical make-up – not just cosmetics, but 3d effects like wounds, wrinkles and creating skin abnormalities with prosthetics. If it works out, I’ll do a tutorial. If not…well, I’ll post pics of my miserable attempt. For now, I’m envisioning something like a female version of the Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer…but we’ll see 😉

But back to the club night itself. For a peek at what I and others have worn, here are some photos from previous Cobweb Clubs.

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Gallery Serpentine, BioMech and Urbandon

Yesterday I checked out the bespoke sample sale which yielded me a black turban and a magenta sequinned cardi (to be seen in outfit posts later). Then I spent several hours trawling the length of King St, Newtown visiting the vintage shops – the one where I actually bought a few things being the Sarah Jane clearance store.

But the place that I enjoyed most was Gallery Serpentine with its BioMech event, which had alt model Ratchet being bodypainted by Jessica Watson Miller with Illamasqua products – in the window, no less!


They still had a few hours to go with the painting so it wasn’t completed here. Here are a few more photos (Cat Sweeny’s, from the facebook page), to help you see more of the delightful detail:



Cat Sweeny’s Steampunk photos were also displayed on the walls (click to see larger size):


I have to say I was blown away by Urbandon‘s steampunk jewellery too.  Urbandon is Don Pezzano, a self-taught assemblage artist and jeweller living in Sydney’s Inner West (and a lovely guy). Using found objects and recycled materials his creations have a Steampunk twist and a masculine sensibility. Drawing on Victorian cult and futuristic ideals allows him to create otherwordly, apocalyptic jewellery and gadgets.

He uses things such as doll’s arms and eyes which I really like, in addition to the usual brass cogs and watch parts.  I told him about Dolly Kei in Japan, which likes using antique doll’s faces on necklaces. Who knows? Maybe he’ll come up with a few DK pieces!

His pieces really are unique, definitely collectibles, and here are some items from the Urbandon Etsy store:


Anyway, check the etsy store and facebook page for more, and also go have a read of his very amusing and witty blog.

Then there was the store itself with its exquisite clothing. Everywhere you look there are beautiful corsets, gowns, sumptuous jackets, amazing patform shoes and boots, jewellery, accessories and more.



The steampunk elements even extended to shoes and boots!


I had to try a few things on, including the fantastic antique gold striped jacket, which clashed brilliantly with my zigzagged pants:


Aussie alternatives, I urge you to pay a visit to Gallery Serpentine sometime, and everyone can check out online the art of the people mentioned in this post. Now, to drool over some of those pieces again…

Chrisst Complex – sample sale Feb 9th

It’s definitely time to turn my attention back to some alternative designers…and aussie ones, while I’m at it!!

Andy Chrisst of  ChrisstComplex has a dark, glamorous aesthetic, and has been retailing out of House of Fetish on Oxford Street for some years now, as well as his own studio.

He has been involved in numerous fashion events in Sydney, had his creations featured in Tangent Mag, and consistently comes up with edgy yet wearable garments for the adventurous.

On Wednesday 9th February, look out for his giant SUMMER FASHION SAMPLE SALE – of labels Chrisst, 2040  and Glamordeath –  at 419 Parramatta Rd Leichhardt.

Chrisst and Glamordeath offer dark alternative looks, such as pvc catsuits, slinky dresses, collars, pointy shouldered jackets and more, while 2040 focuses on sexy, glam resort looks such as sequinned tops and summer dresses, bikinis, kaftans and bodysuits.

I’m in love with quite a few of his current creations, and so share them here with you:

Deluxe Zipper Dress


Jacket with Loop Top Sleeves


PVC Motocross Catsuit


Velvet Long Sleeved Catsuit or bodysuit


While some gothic brands can look a little old-fashioned, Chrisst’s designs are always edgy, and are such that the pieces can be worked into non-gothic wardrobes – as  various magazine fashion stylists have found.  Below are several Tangent Mag shoots utilising his fashion, first as worn by Tammy Stone, and the other by Camille Yi:

For some eye-popping colour, here are some Glamordeath pieces:


and there are definitely cool threads for guys as well…(yep, that’s the man himself to the right…)


For summery goodness, have a peek at some 2040 fashion:


and as seen on the rack at The Salon:


If you can’t get to the sale (as I cannot), then pay a visit to his studio at Crystal Street Petersham (call 02 956966354), or check out House of Fetish, the Chrisst Complex online store or Andy’s  facebook page.


HOUSE OF FETISH – 93 Oxford St Darlinghurst Sydney
THE SECRET WARDROBE – Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt (2040fashion)

Outfits for UTBM Festival Night

Just a few piccies to show what I wore on Saturday night for the Under the Blue Moon gig, as well as my husband’s spiffy attire!

No costumes needed for goths at clubs; we just dress up – but I did go more trad goth than I normally do.  I wore a blue-sequinned Takuya Angel embellishment on my upper cheek/lower lash for a bit of pizzazz, and Angelic Blue lenses from Clearly Contacts.

Fishtail skirt: Ozz Croce (japan)
Corset: Gallery Serpentine
Feather-trimmed gloves: ebay
Boots: Yosuke USA (Japan)
Black Cross Necklace: Black Peace Now (Japan)
Skull fascinator: Forever 21, adapted by me (I sewed the skull on)

Dom wore the skeleton mask I’d bought for him at Tokyu Hands earlier in the year, along with skelly gloves, and pants from Gallery Serpentine (not seen here).

This coming weekend sees a ska night on friday night, and a deathrock/goth night on Saturday…so more dressing up awaits. With a special guest visitor from Melbourne, SuperkawaiiMama!