My decor: diamante skulls & stag heads

When I was in the UK back in June and stayed at Islington, I had to pass this gorgeous homewares store each day, called Dwell. Well! I fell in love. One of the things I lusted over was a beautiful diamante skull, that came in white, blue or black diamantes. I was already over the limit for luggage, and so returned home dreaming…

I kept drooling over the Dwell website when I returned home…and when the blue skull reduced in price from 199 pounds to just 69, I knew I had to make it mine! But there was a snag.  Dwell doesn’t ship outside the UK. What to do?  As luck would have it, my sister-in-law was coming soon to visit from the UK… and so voila! I got it sent to her address.  BUT then – they delivered it THE DAY AFTER she left for Australia. DOH! Never mind, father-in-law sent it on instead 🙂

Isn’t it superb? I love it just as it is, being one of my fave colours but with the gothy and glam elements in there too. But I have been experimenting on grouping it with things…definitely a work in progress! I look forward to Christmas-afying my living room too…and already have lots of silver and shimmery aqua elements ready to go. The skull will certainly fit in with my Christmas colour scheme.

One of my attempted groupings

My minpin Fritz wanted to get stuck into it…look at him go! He barked like mad at it, teehee.

I also have a very stylish fake stag head on my wall, not from Dwell but from an etsy store Born An Old Soul, who are still selling the stag heads, as well as other animals, in resin a variety of colours. Check it out!

While I’m on a home decor roll, why not show you the dark grey wall I painted on the oposite wall? I like it so much that the other walls may well get the same treatment soon!

Unfortunately, if you’re in love with the skull, they are sold out now, but Dwell does have a few cool skull items you might want to peruse. This big silver cow skull would be an on-trend addition to your wall. There are other fabulous items like dancing cows,  purple flock dogs, silver table lizards, bettles and spiders…It really is an amazingly quirky homewares store, and if you live in the UK or have friends or relatives who live there, why not shop online and get something special for your home?

Final Episode

So, sometimes I’m a wee bit slow. I’ve just discovered this fantastic website that launched in September, and I’m drooling.

It’s called “Final Episode” and it showcases the work of accessories designers who are extremely innnovative and fashion forward – think Camilla Skovgaard, Dries Van Noten, Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott and more.

I love their attitude: “fashion is a tool to flaunt one’s individuality and express one’s sense of self”. Hear, hear! It MUST be hip and happening – Grazia put it on their list of things “Going Up” last week, right next to the pic of Alexa Chung. I likewise appreciate their ethics: “Here at Final Episode, we believe everyone should make an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Wherever possible, our paper and packaging items are sourced from recycled materials”.

But enough theorising; onto the products themselves.

My unrequited love for extreme platforms and studs finds an object to lust over in these “Samantha” shoes by Tristan Blair:


Although there are some beauties by Camilla Skovgaard that are also tempting.

Then there are the improbable but loveable shaped sunnies from Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott (alas, now sold out):


Those of a dark and gothic persuasion will adore the jewellery, and especially that of Julia DeVille in her Disce More range, where bird skulls, talons and crossed bones feature..



There are a whole lot more quirky accessories, including belts, scarves and bags, so it is well worth a look. If you sign up to Final Episode, you get access to special offers, releases and product launches too. For any enquiries, email:

Or you can follow Final Episode on Facebook or on twitter.