my glamorous new dressing room

If you were reading my blog in August last year, you’d have seen my post “Glam New Dressing Room with Shoe Storage“.  (If not, check it out now!)

Glam dressing room

I thought it was about time I unveiled the newish configuration of my dressing room/study. What’s changed? I’ve purchased a drop-dead-gorgeous set of wardrobes from Brescia Furniture that are far more sleek and streamlined, not to mention taller and wider.  I can fit so much more in them! My ceilings are so high that I can still fit storage options on top of them, which I have done with some black felt baskets.

I also now have a beautiful rug (from DecoRug) that is zebra patterned, yet the design also looks a bit like a spine. It is very plush, alternating high pile in the off-white, with a tight low pile in black, for contrast of both colour and texture. My little doggie loves it!

Add to the equation a very sleek white desk and sexy ‘z’ chair in black faux-alligator, and the room is looking a whole lot more luxe. These were both from UFO Furniture at Euston Road, Alexandria. The desk has a glass panel on top, so I can put wallpaper, say, underneath the glass and totally change the look of the desk.

I discovered that if I turned my bookcase shelving on to its side, I could fit more shoes in each slot – bonus! Now I can fit 4 shoes, or 2 pairs, in each box instead of just 3. The shelving is lower and wider this way, meaning I could put another one on top. Now that I may just do…..

But on to the photos.

Let’s start the tour off with the amazing wall of shoes that lie opposite the windows. This is the bookcase that I turned sideways. On top I added two Ikea hutches that I found in the bargain clearance section. They don’t look too out of place, and allow me to add another row of boots. On top of the lot are some of my hats from my millinery days, and two very burlesque peacock feather fans.

I tried to keep the shoes colour-coded, with the black and white platforms together, the coloureds, the leopard print shoes, and so on.

The wall of shoes is on your left as you enter the room; on your right is the upright bookcase with the majority of my boots (and hats and wigs) displayed.  Next to that is the desk area, which is lovely and sunny, being next to the windows.

dressing room desk


The window luckily has a wide ledge so I can put these slimline TRONE Ikea storage boxes on it…

…with jewellery and other decor on top of those:


The 2 fabulous coloured deer heads are from Miho,  while the large plainer one is a Beyond the Page MDF deer head from Midwest Scrapbook on ebay.

Back to the wardrobes, or closets as some like to call them; they are directly in front of you as you enter the room.

And here’s a peak at the insides:


Dresses and skirts are in the first section of the closet, with bags underneath; jackets are in the second section with drawers underneath for scanties, socks and tights; and tops and pants are in the third section, with belts in the shallow drawers beneath (and corsets laid on top, for now).  No, I’m not the tidiest or most organised, by any means.

The only thing missing now is the floors, so here is the rug…and Fritz enjoying it. His tail is blurry cos he’s wagging it…awwww!

 Miniature pinscher

Obviously the walls need some decoration. I do have some beautiful aqua wallpaper that I may use behind the desk area, and a large teal bamileke feather headdress to attach to a wall too. I am also on the lookout for the right padded pouffe or other glam dressing room chair to sit on while putting on my shoes. The desk may well be moved upstairs and a French style ornate dressing table take its place, along with a large ornate mirror…but if I waited til it was finished, I’d never post.

What about you – do you have a system you’re happy with? Have great ideas but not the room (or money?) Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Any ideas from here that you’ll take away? I have to say that pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me, and I’ve gathered my faves in “Amazing dressing rooms/studies/home offices“.  If you’re on there,  come find me –

Don’t step on my pointy leopard boots

Of course I always come back from Tokyo with SHOES! I already showed the stripey platform courts from Black Peace Now; but the pair I’ve REALLY been wearing non-stop are these great leopard (or puma) pointy-toed boots from Yosuke USA in Marui One, also available from Rakuten. They only have a small platform, but are INCREDIBLY comfy – and you do have to have serious shoes for walking and dancing in, no?

And here they are on my own tootsies:

In store they were in the mens/unisex section, and as such were available in bigger sizes. That’s my tip to you ladies who can’t fit into even the large size ladies Japanese shoe, which is 24.5 – 25cm. The mens go up to around 29. I tried on the 25, then 24.5, then 24, then 23.5 and FINALLY found that in the mens sizing, I was actually a 23! The shoes are wider than ladies also, which I find a great help as I have broad feet.  (Unfortunately the web links I provided above only go up to 25cm, but if you’re heading to Japan soon, take a look in-store).

There were heaps of creeper-type shoes with the flat platform and rounded toe everwhere I went in Tokyo. These combine that look with the host boy look (who are renowned for their shiny silver suits and pointy boots). I like the mod and old school goth overtones, and the fact that they work both with pants and fitted skirts.

Randa Shoes A/W 2011/12

Is it too soon to do another shoe post?? I thought it was time to check out Randa‘s latest offerings, as my last post on Randa’s Spring/Summer collection was back in March.  I was so taken with this season’s styles, that I’ve ordered three pairs already!

Aren’t these over-the-knee brightly coloured boots just delish? I fell in love with the orange ones, and so I bought them:

There are some amazing shoes showcasing the new colour block trend, like these:

Although I loved the blue, I settled on the pink and orange, as it’s such an unusual colour for shoes…and I have the outfits to match!

Some others I loved but didn’t buy, also in great colours (love the button detailing too):

Unusually for me, I fell for a pair of baby pink shoes (even though they also came in grey or black). They are just so ladylike, I loved them! They would be perfect for a lolita, hime or dolly kei outfit. The coral booties next to them I find an unusual shape, but managed not to buy them.

There are many more styles worthy of a good peruse, either at the Randa online store, or at the Rakuten store Hitotei, where I purchased mine from.  Yes, they deliver to overseas destinations, but at around $25 to $30 per pair of shoes. I’ll let you know how it goes, time and costwise.

November Vivi has a Randa spread showcasing some of the best styles too:

And that is probably enough pictorial goodness for now. You know you really want to hit those websites and have a drool…

R&E for Moussy shoe store in Shinjuku; leopard platforms

I’ve been a little out of touch with the japanese style scene of late, but took the opportunity tonight to check out one of my fave shoe stores there.

R & E/Rezoy

Just a few days ago, on August 18, a new shoe bar opened in Shinjuku, being the R&E Shop Azul by Moussy – I’d have loved to have been there for the first 4 days when they had opening special prices! Here are a few (not so great) pics from the staff blog.


I have to admit that a broad glance at the autumn shoes doesn’t fill me with excitement, but there are a few leopard numbers that do make my heart race. To wit:

One last leopard look, this time in a Mary Jane wedge. The black one next to it reminds me a little of Nicholas Kirkwood in the front platform:

Some are available at the R&E section of the Shibuya 109 Net Shop

Now to bring it on back home, for those in Oz: have you checked out Payless Shoes lately? Despite being a bargain brand, they have some very trendy platform courts at the moment – one of which is in leopard! I tell you, they look fabulous on, and I may just go back and snap up a pair.  They are at left; to the right is a delicious leopard (or ocelot)  platform from Mollini, for around twice the price but with a sexy strap across the foot as well as around the ankle:


Are you ready for more leopard, or are you pretty much over it now? And platforms? I’m just glad that we get to see so many platform shoes around in mainstream stores, instead of me having to go looking in goth and fetish shops!

Glam New Dressing Room with Shoe Storage

Hooray!! We’re finally settled into our new house, with internet and foxtel installed, and new puppy to love!  Hello to regular posting…I have so many things to share!

But this being largely a fashion blog, the first thing I have to share with you is my new dressing room. Yes, I finally have a room that’s totally given over to housing my clothes, shoes, accessories and craft things. It has a  high ceiling, original cornices and ceiling rose, polished boards and big sunny windows.  Now, the room still has to have the beautiful metallic teal damask wallpaper put up, as well as a glamorous lighting fixture, and some things need to be put away.

But it is ready enough to show. What I’m most pleased with are these chocolate bookcases that I’m using as my shoe display:

 There is also a wall of wardrobes on the opposite wall, and in the middle of the room is a divan where I can sit to put my shoes on, and which doubles as a bed when a guest comes to stay.


No matter how much space you have, you end up wanting more! But I tell you, I just love walking in and being able to see all my lovely shoe treasures on display. It makes it so much easier when co-ordinating outfits.  And it t is certainly a big step up from the wonky little wooden stacked shelves that I’ve been using for the past year.  These bookcases were 3 for $600,(the other bookcase being in our study, actually holding books).

There’s a real solidity about the storage, and it looks like a glam shoe store to me 🙂 I originally wanted a whole walk-in dressing room, with custom cabinetry, but for now I’m going with these units, which I can take with me when we leave.  What do you think?  As for me, I’m chuffed to bits!