Romance Was Born jacket, Peace Now skirt

The other week, I got a tip off from Emily of Little Black Book that Romance Was Born was having a sample sale. I deliberated a long time between buying a pink/purple dress that exactly matched the colour of my hair (heavily embellished with safety pins, no less!), and a tuxedo jacket with pointed hem.

While the dress had the bling factor, I don’t know how often I’d wear it. Whereas a good tailored jacket…well, it becomes a wardrobe staple, doesn’t it? Cost per wear, it definitely is the best option, despite being 3 or 4 times what I would normally pay for a jacket.

I wore it out on Saturday night, pairing it with a ruffled blouse from ebay that I’ve had for several years, and a new Peace Now skirt I bought in Japan a few weeks ago (it’s a gothic lolita brand). The skirt is a gorgeous high-waisted design with diagonal stripes in black & taupe, with lovely pleated details and a pointed hem. Enough babbling; here’s the outfit.

Lack of good pics, however, meant that I had to recreate the look at home.  This time I wore thigh high boots instead of the spiky wedges.  I like how the skirt matches the zebra light switch.

And now with the jacket on – see the serrated hem edge?
It has a great nipped in waist and folded material detail
The jacket is absolutely beautiful, and with the ruffled blouse has an equestrian/lolita feel. I think a riding hat may have been in order, actually.
I wore odd circle lenses on the night, both DollyEye, but one in Green and one Violet.  Not to be a Manson or Bowie wannabe, but one of the violets was irritating my eye, and this was my last minute solution. No-one seemed to notice.