Gothic & Alternative fashion stores in Osaka

On my last day in Osaka I did a big walking tour from OPA to America Mura and the surrounds, checking out and snapping the various fashion stores there. Below are some of the alternative ones (ie gothic or too wacky for gyaru or mainstream fashion).  If you take the street that runs next to OPA, and walk towards America Mura (with its well known triangle park), a lot of these stores are on the road or just around the corner.

Naoto is further away…I discovered it on my way to see Benny at Chopstick Tattoo (although he is now located at Big Step, so much more central).

1-9-1 Minami-Horie Nishi-ku Osaka


Walking from the south back towards the central area of triangle park & americamura there is a greater concentration of alt shops.  Right opposite the traingle park, there is Qutie Frash, and a few doors down from it, Cheer.


As you can see by looking at them Qutie Frash has an asian cyber feel, while Cheer is much like Super Lovers in its bold use of colour and nu-rave approach.

Just up from these is the Loncourt Building, which houses many of the alt labels you know and love – Dangerous Nude (Kikirara Shoten), Sexpot Revenge, Super Lovers, ..

The shop at the front of it all is “Gross” – yes, I kid you not! It’s a great store though, with Iron Fist shoes and Lip Service USA clothing. Next to it is the arcade entrance – that is, Loncourt is to the left, and Gross is to the right as you face them.



Here’s a map just to help you get your bearings:

I headed straight upstairs to check out Dangerous Nude:


and then Sexpot Revenge:


On the main ground floor is Regulus, Super Lovers, Toxic Star, Deorart etc..great fun to have a wander through.

Further up the road, walking towards OPA, I discovered this great store ‘Speech’, that was obviously very funky & hip & I think frequented by Osaka stylists for styling shoots:

A little further, on the next corner was the amazing Alice Auaa store (same building as the music bar RockRock)

Alice Auaa
Atrium Bldg 1-8-1,Nishishinsaibashi,Cyuo-ku, Osaka


Of course I went in to check out the Alice Auaa store with its amazing interiors and fashion. However, I didn’t get back at night to see what Rock Rock  was like in action. But it’s on the list for next time!


I couldn’t forget Algonquins:


Arriving back at OPA, in the basement there is Peace Now/Black Peace Now and Super Lovers!


And that brings me to the end of the tour for today.

Suffice to say, you won’t run out of things to look at when you’re in Osaka, although you may run out of cash!

Romance Was Born jacket, Peace Now skirt

The other week, I got a tip off from Emily of Little Black Book that Romance Was Born was having a sample sale. I deliberated a long time between buying a pink/purple dress that exactly matched the colour of my hair (heavily embellished with safety pins, no less!), and a tuxedo jacket with pointed hem.

While the dress had the bling factor, I don’t know how often I’d wear it. Whereas a good tailored jacket…well, it becomes a wardrobe staple, doesn’t it? Cost per wear, it definitely is the best option, despite being 3 or 4 times what I would normally pay for a jacket.

I wore it out on Saturday night, pairing it with a ruffled blouse from ebay that I’ve had for several years, and a new Peace Now skirt I bought in Japan a few weeks ago (it’s a gothic lolita brand). The skirt is a gorgeous high-waisted design with diagonal stripes in black & taupe, with lovely pleated details and a pointed hem. Enough babbling; here’s the outfit.

Lack of good pics, however, meant that I had to recreate the look at home.  This time I wore thigh high boots instead of the spiky wedges.  I like how the skirt matches the zebra light switch.

And now with the jacket on – see the serrated hem edge?
It has a great nipped in waist and folded material detail
The jacket is absolutely beautiful, and with the ruffled blouse has an equestrian/lolita feel. I think a riding hat may have been in order, actually.
I wore odd circle lenses on the night, both DollyEye, but one in Green and one Violet.  Not to be a Manson or Bowie wannabe, but one of the violets was irritating my eye, and this was my last minute solution. No-one seemed to notice.