Leopard Outfit post number twelvty! Icon-tokyo. Awesome leopard hair

Can a girl ever have too many leopard dresses and outfits? Hellz no! So here’s another – that I wore on Saturday night to Black Cherry.

You may perhaps notice the leopard hair I created to go with my outfit. Did I do it myself? Hellz yes!  Do you want to know how? Then stay tuned, as I’ll be doing a tutorial on it pronto. For now, here’s the outfit.

leopard hair

Leopard Dress – Icon, Tokyo
Leopard Corset – Gallery Serpentine
Fake fur stole – Sportsgirl
Teal platform shoes – RMK shoes
Necklace – Forever 21
Lipstick – “Captive” by Mac
Circle lenses – G&G BT, Pinky Paradise


I’d like to mention icon-tokyo, as they are a very cool brand that hardly ever gets mentioned. It has edgy gear like the outfit below:

I met the ‘icon’ bods at H.P. France ‘s   Merry Go Land fashion event in Shinjuku, back in September (see my post here). They were there in good company with Cannabis, Grimoire, Tarock, Wut and more. I saw and bought the blue leopard dress in the daytime, and when I went back for the night fashion show, I wore it!

Check out the icon-tokyo online shop , the icon-tokyo site, icon-tokyo twitter, or the blog (where, yes, I’m in a few early September entries).

And watch this space for the tutorial on how to do your own awesome leopard hair!

Nozomi Ishiguro

When I was last in Tokyo, I got a firsthand introduction to the fashion of Nozomi Ishiguro – previously only a name from Japan Fashion Week. I saw some amazing pieces in store at Lumine Est Shinjuku – the quirky shopfront (as you can see below) really enticed me in to see what the collection was like.

I’m not usually that excited by knits, but in his hands they became truly creative pieces, almost works of art. Very textured, and with great colour, I was most tempted to buy a knitted skirt. Inside the store was this most unusual cubby-house type structure, covered all over with oddities – more of an art installation, I guess….

I got up to the top floor roof garden for Merry Go Land (remember my post on Grimoire and Tarock at Merry Go Land earlier?) and saw some Nozomi Ishiguro gear up close.  He uses tweed-like fabrics in totally non-Chanel or traditional ways: assymetrically draped, ruffled and ruched, and paired with other fabrics.

It gave the nobbled fabric a real hipness and modernity, and showed that it could be flirty and fun, and quirky and edgy. Well, I never! I was tempted, as I said, but as it was 37 degrees in Tokyo right then, I was really NOT looking for clothing in a warm fabric like this  – despte seeing  fall/winter fashion beginning to flood the stores.

It was with great interest that I saw pics from the Osaka show (from Japanese Streets); it was the same collection “Gypsy Ballerina”, but they look sooo much more ipressive on the human form!

There is a newer Summer collection out now, but I prefer this one, comparing the two. Definitely a designer who deserves more recognition. Let’s see whether 2011 brings that recognition.