Best Runway Makeup: Fall 2010 from Elle – my faves

While on the subject of eyes, I had a look at ELLE‘s beauty editors’ favorite makeup looks from New York Fashion Week.

Here are my favourites from THEIR favourites.

Diane Von Furstenberg – I LOVE a smoky black eye, but it’s even better when there’s blues and greens mixed in, like a petrol slick effect.  The flash of silver on the inner top lid, stops this from being too heavy and lends a kapow! contrast. Worn with a sheer nude lip, it looks fresh. Goths would wear this eye make-up with dark lipstick (see below) for darkness overload.
Alexandre Herchcovitch – the gold in the inner eye corners (which I wear a LOT) is luminous and opens the eye area so much. However, the orange swept from the middle of the eye out, is the real surprise here. It picks up perfectly the amber tones of the beading on the headwear – just beautiful.
Cushnie et Ochs – also uses the shimmery inner eye corner trick, but with a twist. The eyeline is shaped to form a catlike look, with an exaggerated low inner eye corner. I’ve seen this done in really heavy handed fashion in black eyeliner by goths, for example the Decadance people like Sisen. However, this is done in a really subtle fashion in smoky brown, which is shaded and blended so it isn’t harsh and just looks quirky and fashion forward here.
Peter Som – gorgeous rich purple lips. There ARE lip colours other than red, people! I would argue that there are so many shades of purple, from pale mauve, to pinky purple, to blue-purple, to browny/burgundy, to almost-black (as here), that there is a shade for everyone. Another look that fashionistas and goths alike can love 🙂

What were YOUR faves? Which will you try?

In Praise of the random

A few little coincidences have occurred lately to make me smile.

  • Flying back from KL to Melbourne, who should be on the same flight but Fiend magazine’s editor, Gerry! I hadn’t seen him in a while, and he’d just come back from Europe. He’s also the VIC promoter for the band Hanzel und Gretyl that played Melbourne on Friday night (which I attended and at which I had much fun).
  • Walking down Little Collins Street, who should I walk past but Fashion Hayley, finishing up an ice-cream!! I blurted out “Fashion Hayley!” and when she looked startled, I said “sorry, I just know you from your blog”. 

    It was funny and felt a bit serendipitous, cos I’m a new fashion/travel blogger, and am in love with Japan and its fashion, like her. While our fashion styles are very dissimilar, I admire how she’s made the jump from blogger to professional stylist. I did the opposite, starting as stylist/fashion editor of Fiend (albeit not a paid position) , and have recently resigned to give more time to my travels and blogging.

    But how likely is that, to run into her, eh? Especially when I only had a few hours shopping time in Melbs. Which brings me to my next point…

  • I’m in love with the new Cue striped blazer, and as it has sold out several times already in Sydney, I’ve had my name down to be contacted when a new shipment comes in. Well, I dropped into Myer at Melbourne, having forgotten all about the blazer, and there it was, in all its glory!! And in my size 🙂  I nearly wept.

    I wore it that night, with a black tulle dress from Malaysia that cost the equivalent of $10 AUD, and black platform boots from the i-socks store in Malaysia that cost $20 AUD. I got compliments, and should do a piccie post of the outfit sometime. It’s very Tim Burton, and will be getting a LOT of wear.
  • And finally, not a coincidence but something that made me smile. When I returned from my travels, my Lime Crime make-up from Doe Deere had arrived. Yippee!! The colours of the lipsticks and eye glitters are out of this world! Finally I have a blue lipstick that is actually a lipstick and not an eye pencil drafted in for the job. I also have bright orange, pale tangerine, lilac, pinky purple and more…

The John Galliano Spring 2010 RTW Collection

I won’t go into the overall direction here, as fashionistas worldwide will be dissecting the collection shortly. For me, it was all in the details.

There was the incorporation of spotted mesh and netting into the garments. More often seen on millinery, or dated mother-of-the-bride frocks, in Galliano’s hands the black spotted mesh is layered over or under coloured for a more avant garde feel. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but prepare to see spotted mesh EVERYWHERE in Supre and chain stores soon. Wear it early before it gets old. Head thee to Spotlight pronto.

Coming from a goth and Victorian perspective, I’m always gonna love the black lace gloves. But notice how he layers coloured sheer gloves underneath – ya gotta love that! And possibly borrow the look?

Pearls are not normally my thing. The Sloane Ranger era still makes me shiver. Galliano uses pearls like charms, dangling them off shoes, straps, and headpieces. Or plonking huge ones on the front of shoes or stacking them in descending size to form cone heels. Multi-stranded on bracelets and on necklaces too – but only asymmetrically and paired with acrylic floral jewellery for a modern edge. And sometimes in gunmetal.

But it’s the shoes and the make-up that grab me most.

I’m only 155cm; I LOVE platform shoes. Continuing the trend of embellishment, Galliano uses lace and mesh (again) for a very feminine look, along with the pearls already mentioned.

I’m a sucker for black & white too, so this one made me drool. The little bow on the side and tiny pearl and buttons give it a tailored, dainty look. WANT. Then again, don’t I have a pair of platforms I could embellish myself to approximate? (Hrmm…)

Bump Toe
Can I just say I love the bump toe detail too? I don’t know if I’m the only one to have noticed this, but it reminds me very much of the tennis-ball shoulder silhouette we’re seeing on Balmain and other “IT” jackets. Quirky.

The silent-movie era goddess look is still here. The little rosebud/geisha lips are too. But they’ve been a little darkified – perhaps with Halloween around the corner? And I even detect a whiff of the Corpse Bride in some of those eyebrows. Do you see it too? Or have I been just too Tim-Burtonised lately?

I’ve been getting into the mega-smokey black eye make-up recently, and am very inspired by this lot. Especially with Halloween make-up to think about 🙂
Even if you DON’T go to alternative clubs regularly, anyone can get away with this at halloween.

Come on, you know you want to.