New Japanese alternative fashion mag: Underground Clothed’s

Awaking from my self-imposed exile  I see lots of exciting things happening in the alternative fashion world, one of which is the new magazine being launched by D’s ValentineArtism creator and Alamode Magazine publisher. I’ve carefully hung onto my issues of Alamode Magazine,  being snapshots in time of the current japanese underground gothic/alternative music scene.

Now D’s gone one step further and is about to release a new magazine featuring the FASHION of the japanese alternative gothic/lolita/cyber/fetish/akiba-kei scenes: Underground Clothed’s.

Note the sexy back of Kiki on the cover 🙂 While Kikirara Shoten of Dangerous Nude is well known to lovers of Japanese gothic fashion, along with Takuya Angel and Kenzo-A of Rituals (largely thanks to Kera magazine), there are a lot of emerging labels that are barely known outside of Nippon. PureOne Corset Works and Pay *des* Fees I’m acquainted with, due to their ongoing presence in the goth clubs.  Strange Artifact, a steampunk band with an accessories line, I learned of during my last trip in November.  But so many are new to me : la Reinette, A closet of Alice, marchenmerry, Rouge, fake-fantasy…the list goes on.

Underground Clothed’s will be available at Takuya Angel, Dangerous Nude and Closet Child.  It is also available to order online at ARTiSM, or at Closet Child’s online webstore. I imagine in time it will be available at the various stores throughout Japan that stock Alamode Magazine.

Some pics to whet your appetite:

Japanese goth fashion, cybergoth, harajuku fashion

dangerous nude

(Doesn’t Kikirara look like blogger Cheesie here? Or is it just me?)

While I wasn’t going to return to japan for a while…I’m now considering a flying visit in March. If I manage it, I’ll definitely be bringing back copies of the mag, as well as more info about the various labels and stores in it.  (I also have an interview that I did with Kiki at her home last year, that will make its way to these pages).  Watch this space.

Tangent, Style Sample & Manifesto – 3 online fashion magazines you will love!

I’d like to introduce you to a few online magazines that I’ve recently discovered. Isn’t it great to feel that you’re getting something for nothing – ie great glossy magazines that are free?

First up, an Australian online magazine, Tangent.

This mag interviews a HEAP of up-and-coming aussie designers, features couture boutiques like Brisbane’s Xile, and has stunning edgy fashion and make-up editorials. (I’m thrilled as an alternative type fashionista, to see House of Fetish garments and accessories used in styling some of the shoots).
There are so many links and designers and labels you probably don’t know – it will keep you entertained for hours!


Since many of us are bloggers, and in particular, style/fashion bloggers, this mag “Style Sample” is a GREAT read.  SS is now a year old actually, and is by, for, and about, fashion bloggers.  It really does foster a sense of community amongst fashion bloggers from all over the world.  Based in the US, it has contributors from all over.

The current issue includes a day in the life of Topshop merchandiser Steph, an article on the business of blogging, a great “How-to” on creating a video blog, and reviews and interviews with various bloggers (of course!)

The previous issue had a fab how-to on self-portrait photography from Sydney fashion photographer Zanita, and info on fashion in Jakarta, Indonesia from blogger Michelle of Glisters & Blisters. You just never know what you’re gonna get in this mag, but it’s always good!


This little beauty comes from the people behind the blog Fashion Nation, and has just started. Hence the first issue really outlines their manifesto and is fairly text heavy; but don’t despair, as there are plenty of fashion pics too!

I like that this comes from Singapore. Being an Australian, I’m acutely aware that despite being a Commonwealth country (with obvious ties to anglo countries like the UK, Canada and the US) we are slap-bang in the middle of Asia, and have definite influences and links to/from Asia.

One of the contributors is Nicole of Nicolethen online boutique and My Cherry Magazine blog. I met her when I was in Singapore for the Nuffnang Bloggers Symposium, and wrote about her store and Bonito Chico here. When it comes to Singaporean fashion, she really knows her stuff – ’nuff said.

That’s probably enough to keep you going for a few hours. What are YOUR fave fashion online mags? Drop me some links!