KTZ AW 2011 collection

Although interior design has more been occupying my thoughts of late (due to me doing up my new house), a few things have made me go “SQUEE!” lately.

You may remember I wrote about KTZ or Kokon To Zai last November. From Marjan Pejoski of Kokon To Zai come these amazing cow-footed boots:

Crazy, huh? Of course, KTZ’s latest shoes in fluoro pink/orange and yellow have been making waves too. Nicki Minaj was spotted wearing the fluoro pink platforms at NY Fashion week, somewhat drawing attention away from Anna Wintour!


Below is the mens neon yellow biker boot, which also makes me swoon. The whole KTZ Austumn/Winter 2011 range is outstanding, fusing the current trend for vibrant colour (which they have ALWAYS used), with detailed tailoring and japanese influences. See the obi in this outfit:

I adore the juxtaposition of the trellis print with the zigzag print, offset again by black contrast accents. The angular lines of the black vinyl accents seem almost Gareth Pugh-like, were it not for the whimsical fringing (which some may prefer to be absent):

The print is used throughout the collection not only in the yellow, but also in the aforementioned pink, and khaki green.

There is a great range of menswear too, and it is something I can see walking out the door of Shibuya edgy boutique Candy. Check out the KTZ range they have at Fake Tokyo.com, which includes various jackets, skirts, t-shirts, vests, shoes, bags and scarves. But be warned, they are not cheap!

Oh, and before I go, I leave you with this a-maaaa-zing leather jacket with crystal embroidered spiderweb, from the KTZ archive collection:

How I would LOVE to wear that to the next Cobweb Club! Mind you, I think I feel a DIY cobweb jacket moment coming on….

Kokon to Zai or KTZ & Marjan Pejovski

Here’s a brand that’s doing really well amongst indie hipsters on both sides of the Atlantic. Fashionistas in japan are lapping this label up as well as London types.

Kokon to Zai (KTZ) is the brainchild of duo Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski, begun in 97 but really surging forward from 08 when it took up its new digs in Notting Hill, and started collaborating with Top Shop and ASOS.

It certainly garners lots of opposing opinions with some people calling it (as part of Nu-Rave) the worst trend in the world (Searching for Style), to people gushing about it like Happy Because, and, well, Susie Bubble.

I love it because it is offbeat and highly embellished. There is a lot of detailing, quilting, embroidery, gem work or intricate patterns.

Some patterns, like the yellow camo are too screamingly loud for me, but I applaud the audacity. I definately prefer the quilted dress on the right, a photo of which I included in my post on Tokyo’s Fashion’s Night Out:

How hot is this label? Susie Bubble has worn it, Madamoiselle Yulia has worn it (see above), Katy Perry, Anna Dello Rosso, Bjork, Park Bom..the list goes on. Check out their facebook page for updates, or the “As worn by” section of their website.

Lady Gaga wore these glasses by Linda Farrow, now available at KTZ:

There’s also an unusual range of platform wedges (again, with that retina-searing yellow/pink/purple combo):

Statement dresses are another staple: 

One of my faves, that I’ve giving SERIOUS thought to buying, is the Priss Pink Flower Bomber jacket with hood. There’s polka dots, always a quirky plus for me, but also these brilliant oriental floral sleeves and fab contrast V shaped inserts and lapels. I care not that it’s a hoodie; I just love the contrast between the floral and the spots.

The latest range has a number of beautifully embossed leather dresses, gold motifs, and medieval fleur-de-lys motifs and crowns, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more!