Hongdae on a Saturday Night

Well it almost seems a dream now, but back in March I was in Seoul for a week, staying right near Hongdae, which is the student and entertainment district.

I have mentioned Hongdae before (Hangin in HongdaeCoffee & Drink Palace Hongdae and shoe-store glimpses in My Travelling Wardrobe), but here I show a little video so you can get a feel for how mad the place is on a Saturday night. There was a break between bands I was seeing, and so I walked around, checking out the other people walking around, the street markets, the street food, the bars, cafes, clubs and boutiques that litter the place. Oh, and the traffic jams. Boy, do people like to take their cars out there!

If the above isn’t visible, visit the link Saturday Night in Hongdae. And make sure you go, when you’re in Seoul!

My travelling wardrobe

So I’ve been a dirty rotten stopout for not posting very much…it’s hard when you’re travelling, you know? I thought I’d just post a few fashiony shots, so here is my lovingly merchandised rack of clothes as seen in my Seoul hotel room (click on any to see larger):


The pink vinyl biker jacket is from Seoul, found on Level 5 of the Noon Square mall in Myeong-Dong. And boy, have I been wearing it everywhere!  The orange skirt is from Zara, also in Seoul. Everything else I brought away with me.


Obviously those shoes are just SO WRONG…so I went out to Hongdae and bought a pair of coral platforms that  fall between the orange & pink (& a pair of green ones at another store). Drool at the shoes behind us in the pics…


AS for the shoes themselves…you’ll just have to wait for my haul post, coming soon…

Designer Inspired (aka knockoffs) from Hell Looks

I discovered a new website that seems to be a US/Korean collaboration, with fab Korean fashion that is admittedly, largely knock-offs from major designers. It’s called Hell Looks.

Just looking at the jackets alone had me salivating, let alone when I got to the platform shoes, dresses and skirts! Here are some of my favourites – what do you think?

Dries van Noten knockoff jacket, with great embellished shoulders

Balmain knockoff khaki distressed fabric jacket – it’s got a post-apocalyptic feel to it.
There’s a great striped jacket in dark blue or sky blue – not sure if its a copy, but I love the pointy shoulders, and a Phillip Lim knockoff with strong shoulders
There’s quite an assortment of Chanel-like tweed jackets, but I like this one with studded details – my question is – is it the real Chanel jacket or their copy?
These rabbit fur and pleated satin jackets are unusual
There are copies of Burberry shoes
and of Givenchy
and Balmain – all that bling is so glamorous!
I’ll leave you with a few wrap chiffon dresses that are also designer inspired. I love the way they drape.

That’s enough to whet your whistles. I’m really thinking of ordering some things, especially as international EMS shipping is free for orders over $50.  I should point out that I only buy items I really like in themselves – not because they look like x or y. If I purchase from Hell Looks I’ll let you know. And if you know/hear anything about their products and service, be sure and let me know, eh?

Would you buy knockoffs? DO you buy knockoffs? If so, are there any that you love and keep after the season, or do you tire of the trend and donate/sell/throw them away later? I love my Jeffrey Campbell Tick boots, even though they are Givenchy inspired.