My Interiors part 2

Next up for your viewing pleasure is my bedroom, which is very oriental, and all black and red. We have a four poster balinese teak bed, upon which we’ve draped a black mosquito net – what else would goths sleep under?

At the back we’ve hung a japanese quilt with geisha design, again in red and black, for a quilted headboard type effect. It is juxtaposed against an Indian carved screen, Chinese style doona cover and a presumably french inspired Cancan dancer lampbase – all very eclectic!



Again there is a Cambodian touch with a wooden Bayon face near the wall, near part of my shoe collection:

and generally there is a lot of wood, for a sense of warmth:



Unfortunately my dresser with all my jewellery on top is just too cluttered to show, so I’ll finish with a shot of the bed from a different angle 🙂 Although we’ve loved it, the four poster really makes a room seem smaller, and we will definitely be changing to a new bed when we move.

What’s your bedroom like? How would you like to change it? I think I might have  a more restful colour scheme next time 😉

My Interiors part 1

Since I’m hoping to be moving soon – yes, hopefully buying a house! – I thought it was time to post some pics of my apartment, especially as I’ve been tidying up this week.  Today, it’s a few shots of my dining area, buffet and display shelving. We’re mad about South East Asia, Buddhas, and modern asian style generally – which you can easily see in the dark woods we’ve chosen, along with our assorted asian nicknacks.

We honeymooned in Cambodia (yep, just like the Dead Kennedys song – had to do it!), and picked up this lovely rubbing of Angkor Wat. Placed in a dark frame, I think it looks much more expensive than the few riel we paid for it. In our new place, I’l make sure it’s placed dead centre on the wall to look better 🙂

And then there’s the fish sculpture. I first saw this a few years ago when styling a shoot in Melbourne for Fiend magazine; it was in the cafe we breakfasted in before heading out for the day. I was so pleased to see the very same in my local ‘Eastern Flair’ boutique in Newtown, and had to buy it.

The other theme we have going is an aquatic one. We both love the sea, have a huge aquarium, and Dom is a mad diver. In fact he is diving the newest aussie dive site – the ex-HMAS Adelaide wreck – up at Terrigal tomorrow.

The buffet is a reproduction of old chinese style furniture, topped with a collection of old Burmese monk statues and a pair of matching lampshades either side for balance. I think the swoop of the shades echoes a pagoda silhouette, but perhaps I’m inclined to whimsy 🙂

And then there’s the assortment of nicknacks on the shelves – a Thia spirit house, various skulls, Bayon temple faces, a doll face, more buddhas…



And then there’s our big buddha by the front door, who often ends up wearing the novelty masks I buy in Japan, and sometimes hats…


These pics show the flavour  of the apartment – except for our bedroom, which is all black and red. More to come…