How To Make a Felt Pillbox Hat (part 2)

Here is part 2 of How To Make a Felt Pillbox Hat. Part 1 is here.


The result:

How To Make A Felt Pillbox Hat (part 1)

Ever wanted to know how a felt pillbox is made?

Below is a video showing me making a small cocktail or pillbox hat, using felt, a hatblock and a steamer.  I show how to stretch the wool over the block.  After steaming and blocking, I pin the wool to the block to keep its shape while it dries, then trim off the excess. Here is where part 1 ends.

In part 2 we get to stiffening, strengthening, decorating the hat and adding attachments such as elastic or combs to affix the hat to the head.


Part 2 of making a felt pillbox hat is here.