New deathrock hair!

I’ve loved the deathrock look for some years now (not to mention deathrock music and clubs!)  Well, on Wednesday I went to the fabulous “Leopard Lounge” vintage hair salon in Newtown, and got it done. Well, one side anyways.

The last time I shaved the side of my head I didn’t like it much…but that was because my hair is fine and the loss of hair left it looking flat. But with the fullness of hair extensions (still in from Singapore), it looks just great! I got a smallish area near the ear shaved down to a number 2, and left a little trigger area just in front of the ear.

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Birthday faux-hawk at the Foundry

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 48th birthday (I know – how absolutely horrifying!)

My friends and I headed to the dark alternative club downstairs at the Imperial, called the Foundry – you may remember I wore a gothic curly updo to the Foundry launch night in November last year.  Back then I used a curly hairpiece I bought in Tokyo at the Shinjuku Marui One store. This time I stuck with my own hair, but teased it up into a faux deathrock hawk – my theory is, the higher the hair, the slimmer the face looks 😉

This time around I moved away from cyber goth influences – no corset or PVC skirt here. I wore a combo I often do – many pieces from Japan (gothic and gal) mixed with aussie staples.

The outfit:

  • * black camisole
  • * h.Naoto Black Peace Now vest
  • * black & white striped Cue jacket from a few years ago (boy, you’ve gotta love their Winter ’12 pieces!)
  • * oversized cross from a gal store in Studio Alta, Shinjuku
  • * studded silver cuff from La Foret, Harajuku
  • * leopard bag from eBay
  • * (unseen) pvc pants from Bardot

The club was not quite as well attended as the previous few, but still a good night was had by all, and we’ll certainly be attending the next one.

The first few pics are from the beginning of the night, but from our personal camera. The last few are by the club’s photographer for the night , Christian McGuinness, and so are more professional, but we were drunker and siller!

For those interested in my beau’s groovy pinstripe shirt with the vinyl straps and silver snaps, it’s from US goth brand Lip Service, but purchased from Newtown’s Furr Hair. Go thee and get some cool gear!

That’s it really. Just wanted to throw an outfit post in amongst all of my recent travel posts. Have you dressed up recently for a birthday, dinner or club? What did you wear?

Gothic Curly updo for Foundry launch night

Last Friday night was the lauch of a new alternative club night here in Sydney – the Foundry.

As luck would have it, it’s at the Imperial Hotel in Erskineville, just up the road from me! We heard old dance classics like “Where’s Your Head At?”, “Insomnia” and “Voodoo People”, as well as alternative/Industrial classics such as “Dragula” from Rob Zombie, “Du Hast” from Rammstein and Ministry’s “New World Order”.

I decided to put my hair up into huge buns..made possible by the little round doughnut things I brought back from Japan. Once I’d done that, I added the gothic lolita hair rope (this time the curly version), and wrapped it around and around the buns, and leaving a tail hanging out. It ended up looking a bit like a gothic version of the B-52’s girls. What do you think?


Jacket: JC Penney (Ireland)
White corset with fan-lacing: Ebay
Studded armor: Bebe
Black camisole top: somewhere in Reading, UK
Black pvc slashed skirt: Camden Markets
Black skeleton tights: Black Milk
White platform booties: R&E (Japan)
Studded cuffs: La Foret (Harajuku)

As you can see, we have a fairly paltry looking little Xmas tree – we used to live in a small flat and it looked fine, but now we’re in a big house, it’s just WAY too small! Maybe next year….

Cute gothic/gal hairdo’s

Looking for a cute and easy hair-do you can do at short notice with not too much trouble? Try the double topknot, or its sister, the teased pigtail.

I’ve noticed the double topknot hairdo quite a bit, not only in Japanese gothic mags such as Kera, but also in gyaru mags like Egg, Popteen etc.

Kera Jan 11, page 14;  Egg Jan 2011, ad by Co & Lu;  Party at Trump Room


In the latest Kera, Feb 2011 (which alas, I haven’t scanned in as yet), there’s a hairdo section where a lot of creative hairstyles are shown. Three show girls with long hair with partial topknots in their hair (ie with some long hair still hanging down, like the red-haired girl above).

The ‘do is possibly inspired by Gwen Stefani’s mad topknot adventures of the 90’s and early 00’s:


I myself used to wear this back in 2003, when I last had red hair:


But the other week I was about to do this hairstyle…but decided to just tease the pigtails either side of my head, and leave them, instead of then securing into buns either side.

I then added some flowers on a hairclip I got at Grimoire in Shibuya, to finish the look.

The ‘do was easy as, it kept the hair off my neck during a very hot, humid night, and stayed in place all night. The only problem? People kept calling me Red Fraggle. Hurrumph.

But I do recommend it as a cute hairstyle for summer, as well as the double topknot ‘do mentioned above. I’ll be showing soon how you can get bigger topknots than I managed, by making your own. Long haired girlies with thick hair can naturally get big high topknots, but those of us with fine, bob-length hair struggle.  Stay tuned. 

Got any links to cute hair-do’s you like?