Newtown Festival 2012 with Ninja minpin Fritz

Saturday saw me trooping off to the annual Newtown Festival..this time with my little doggie Fritz! He was very relaxed whilst I was getting changed…

Miniature pinscher or Minpin

…but this changed when we got him up to Camperdown Park and into his Ninja costume. Oh dear, sad Ninja Fritz 🙁

minpin in Ninja costume

minpin ninja

My friends and I, however, had a much better time.

with friends at Newtown festival

friends at Newtown festival

And some crowd shots for those who wanna see what it’s like:


Kawaii Girls Art & Pussy Portraits, Sydney Fringe Festival

Love kawaii art & culture but can’t get to Japan?

Sydneysiders can go to TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst, where as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, the Kawaii Girls Art & Pussy Portraits is on display until 22 September. (And get your mind out of the gutter; there are a lot of cat portraits, OK?)

Presented by Mayumi International, this exhibition brings together more than 70 art works by 30 professional Japanese illustrators and artists.

Kawaii Girls Art

kawaii cat by Murayoshimi 

As you can see, the works all have a playful character, a sweetness and cuteness that are the heart of kawaii.


The exhibition is on 12 midday to 6pm each day, so hop on down to grab yourself some kawaii culture!

TAP Gallery
278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst
Tel: 02-9361 0440

Goth fashion at Wave Gotik Treffen 2011

I haven’t yet posted properly about WGT…and there’s so much to say! In all, it was fantastic to rub shoulders with so many other alternative people…and just see a whole city taken over by goths.

I was pleased to see many many different goth subcultures represented, from deathrock to Victorian to neon Cybergoth to Horrorpunk to Steampunk to fantasy to vampires and more…. There was just so much amazing fashion and make-up that floored me every single day, and often I was too reticent to ask awesome people to stop for a photo. However, here are a few fave pics from the ones I’ve uploaded so far, as I know you all want to see pretties to inspire you! (Click on any to see it full-size).

Cyber geisha and steampunk creations at left, and an amazing costume designer from Scotland, right:


I met a girl with the same Louise Black corset as me, but in black – who could resist a photo?


A stylish steampunk couple, and a horrorpunk skeleton guy:


Psychobilly and deathrock – on the right is a great couple from Mexico:

  Mexican goths 

I’m seen here with Rachael from Melbourne and Satine from Denmark. Right is a Vampire Lestat type.


Why not sneak a few more friends’ pics in? Left is me with Sisen and G-sus, right is with Brigitte Handley of the Dark Shadows, and a dutch friend.


More romantic goth looks, and cyber steampunk:


Of course, one of my favourite groups and looks is the Deathrock look, seen magnificently here:


How about some looks in white, just to be different? (And spot the Takuya Angel-clad Sisen lookalike next to her; one of many)


…and back to black….


I have a lot more crowd shots, photos of the architecture of Leipzig, as well as my own outfits and partying photos, but these can wait. I haven’t had internet since I got back (save through my phone), so when I move into my new house this weekend (squee!!) I will have a LOT more to share with you.

What is your fave make-up /outfit? Are you inspired to try something similar yourself? Have you adopted new looks through attending alternative festivals? Do tell 🙂

Newtown Festival 2010

Last Sunday was Newtown Festival 2010, and despite a fairly wet November, the sun came out in force to ensure a scorching day for all.

The promise of a free gig by fab band The Snowdroppers lured us out of bed and up to Camperdown Park around 2.30.  We were not disappointed, and I only wished I’d gone to see them at Manning Bar on Friday night.  There were more than a few parasols and umbrellas in sight as festivalgoers attempted to keep sunburn at bay, and though grey clouds threatened to dampen proceedings, the rain held off.

I wore a new top by Bebe in a ruched ethnic print with royal blue silk trim. I wore bright blue engineer boots to match, a black ruffled skirt and black and white leopard print leggings.


It seemed to me there were less people than in previous years – but it was still slow work trudging from the main stage area to the food tent area. Ah well, it gives you time to look at the market stalls, and people-watch. Such an array of food was offer, with cuisines from around the world – and yet it was the Dutch chips with mayonnaise that called out to us “eat me”.

Being as hot as it was, most people opted for t-shirts and shorts, but I managed to find some people with style, and a sense of fun and colour. I noticed the fun make-up on the face of this guy Daniel, and discovered the lovely lady he was with – Elise – writes for Inner West Live! (as I occasionally do).


A stylish group of friends with rad hairstyles:

I just had to snap the girl on the left with her colourful outfit and cool hair – but she totally got photobombed by singer of the Snowdroppers, Johnny Wishbone! To the right, pretty in pink.


Some ladies chose trilby hats to keep themselves shaded. To the right is Carly from the Dark Shadows, just back from a whirlwind tour of the UK and Japan. We caught up for a while and chatted about London and Tokyo.

Now usually I wouldn’t drink until night-time, drinking responsibly and all that.  But Newtown Festival is a special day, and when friends travel across town to be with you, well, you know what time it is when they arrive. BEER O’ CLOCK!

As you can imagine, both the quality and quantity of photography may have gone somewhat downhill after that…and as the festival drew to a close we decided to decamp to a pub nearby. We tried the Carlisle but it was packed to the gills, and so we made for our usual haunt, the Townie. This is the view from our vantage point, the balcony. Ah, Sunday afternoon on the balcony of  your local, watching the world go by…

crossing Enmore Rd

We met up with some more old friends and newer acquaintances, like Terry here (in the cap), who is a regular at Take It or Leave It.

I wisely decided to put the camera away at this point.  But here’s to Newtown Festival 2011! Cheers!

Celebrating hanabi with Takuya Angel

Sometimes co-incidences make for the best times, don’t you think? After seeing H Naoto and his autumn collection, I thought I’d drop into Takuya Angel’s shop, having been disappointed to find it closed the day before.

It was 6.30 by this time, and I had somewhere else I was suppposed to be, but I thought…just a short visit, and then on my way.

As I got to the doorway, coming at it from the other direction was my good aussie friend (and photographer) Brendan! Who I hadn’t seen since April when I was last in Tokyo. He’d only been doing a shoot for Takuya that day with some lovely customers being the models. I’d spotted them in front of me in Takeshita St, and wanted a picture, but didn’t want to annoy them. It’s a small world. B said he wasn’t really surprised to run into me, such is the smallness of the alternative scene here too.

So catch up chatties were had, a few pics of the store taken…

…and then Takuya announced it was hanabi and we all had to let off fireworks. I have to admit, I hadn’t done this before, but I LOVE fireworks…and I love how they make people like little kids again.

(OK so hanabi season has been going for a month, and the big events are huge outdoor fireworks displays like the Tokyo Bay Big Fireworks Festival whch is held on the 2nd Saturday in August..but it’s all about participation, innit?)

Out onto the balcony we trooped with our little bowl of water in case of mishap…and started lighting up! Check out the intense and mesmerised looks on everyone’s faces.

Aww….while they were a bit like sparklers (and smelled like them!), they actually set off little tiny explosions like fireworks in the sky – like sparkling fizzy flowers of light.

It was somehow a bonding experience, transcending language and age barriers. Like hanami parties, you just get a sense of the good part rituals have to play in japanese society, and mourn the passing (in Australia anyway) of the old fireworks nights that used to bring joy to kids’ and adults’ hearts alike.

Then it was time for a pic outside the shop, before we headed off to a little izakaya round the corner (joined by DJ Chihiro; photo coming later).

So I headed home happy with my day – and not much poorer, at only 2000 yen for the meal and drinks!! Bargain 🙂