New fashion blogs I love

Scouting around the fashion blog world this week I’ve found a few style blogs that are new to me, and which I find refreshing.

I often stay away from the big name fashion blogs as I find a lot to be quite cookie-cutter, and also full of stick-thin young blondes.  Here’s some I really like, with why I like them.


This blog is a collaborative effort of 3 Canadian sisters, 2 of whom are twins (Caillianne and Samantha), and who are designers in their own right. Look below and you’ll see why I love Samantha in particular – that bright aqua HAIR!

beckerman biteplate fashion blog

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Fashion Forward 2010

So, the Fashion Forward Event was held last Friday nght at the Paddington Town Hall, showcasing the work of emerging designers.
I did visit each stall, but only stopped and talked to those I really liked (and took photos!) The interesting thing was that I had different faves to Emily of Little Black Book (see her posts here), and Darren of Boy Moments
I really liked Sebastian’s Sister and Eternal Safari, whose clothing you see below.  There were great monochromatic tribal prints, sheer cobweb-like fabrics fashioned into amazing tops,  interesting deconstructed pieces and lovely draping.
For more, click the link above, or email:
UnNaked had glam clothing with elegant feather detailing on the shoulders, sequins and great prints. There was a pair of jeans/pants in dark grey with black you can just see near his arm here, that I almost bought. Still thinking about it…
For more info, click the link above or email
Then there was Magdalena Duma who not only had fashion I loved enough to buy, but Magdalena and Tania were the best, funniest people to hang around with as well!
We all got shunted out of the hall at one point by a bossyboots in a teal jumpsuit, and Mags, Tania and I along with Emily and Darren, joked around while waiting to get back in. When I heard teal jumpsuit tell someone dismissively to put down their drink, I actually snorted with laughter, prompting her to stare at ME dismissively. (There’s no way I’d put down MY seven-dollar-bottle-of-beer, I tell you!) We all exchanged knowing looks and silently chortled.
I bought a long flowy vest in the softest black wool jersey, with a series of ribbon roses and a frill down each lapel – great for trans-seasonal and winter layering. Here it is paired with my Sass & Bide dress, Cue leggings, Yosuke boots and a Myer beret.
When I got home and looked at their card, I discovered their store is in NEWTOWN!! Well, I never! I’ll definitely be heading there soon to check out more of their designs.
Shop 547 King Street Newtown
Visit the store or click on the links to see more of the collection – nice to see it was inspired by folk culture of the Gorale from Magdalena’s homeland, and
also to see the shoot featuring a “real woman” as a model.
Tegan of Beau & Arrow was another designer I got excited about. The vibrant oranges! The exquisite laser cutting of the dupion silk! I want that orange skirt dammit…but know that if I wait for it to go into mass production, the price estimate of $299 will go down. The website isn’t quite finished, but check back for more soon…
There were a few more designers that really caught my eye..but that’s enough for now.