Yumumu – Japan inspired Singapore fashion designer

It is no secret that I love South East Asia, and discovering designers from the region who are less known in the west. I especially love it when these designers show us that clothing for hot climates needn’t be boring, and case in point is stunning label Yumumu. Designer Lu Yilin is intrigued with the cut-out shapes and layering of paper doll’s clothes, and shows she is a constructivist master with Yamamoto and Pugh like tendencies.

The “East Asian Misfits II” collection has obvious references to japanese tradition with the intricate origami folding, but has a clean, modern take that is very now.

Restricted to a neutral pallette, the excitement derives from the treatment of the fabric: folded, pleated, assymetrically draped and impeccably stitched.

(Photos from hair stylist on the shoot, Andy Razali of Andy and Weave)



On the leggings, Japanese shibori dyeing technique is used to great effect

Yumumu is stocked at Singapore’s cult stores Blackmarket and Antipodean as well as its Flagstore in Parco at Marina Bay and Eclecticism on Orchard Road.

About her label, Yulin says: “Yumumu is Mandarin for ‘Rain, Wood, Wood’. The three Chinese radicals come together to form the ‘lin’ character of my name. Their elemental nature echoes the undated appeal of the designs. Also, I like how it sounds like the mumblings of our universal language – babytalk.”

Worth a look when you’re next in Singapore, or you can check out the Yumumu facebook page or enquire at info@yumumu.com

Newtown street fashion gothic style – UTBM Market Day

While the rest of the world wears costumes for halloween, goths just raid their wardrobes and come up with something spiffy. Even in the warm October climate, Sydney goths came out to party and shop at the Under the Blue Moon festival market day yesterday, in Newtown Square. For a rundown of some of the stalls and events, see my post here. Check out the canny dressers below:


Two girls showcased colourful Furr hair and its infamous leopard print dyeing


There were some great looks accented by skeleton make-up, piercings and tattoos


Nice to see some very elegant young ladies in attendance, including a gothic lolita type:


Amusing to see some fellas getting their faces painted too:

But the stalls were what the day was all about, and there was some fantastic fashion on offer, with UTBM discounts making it even harder to resist! Such as these offerings from Le Lash (left) and Tentacle Threads (right). Wish I’d enquired about the amazing articulated shoulder armour.


I did stop at Tentacle Threads to try on the pointy shouldered jacket, and order some of their beautiful spats.  As you can see, I dressed for comfort (and a bit of colour) rather than going all out.


50ft Queenie had glamour wear (and underwear) with burlesque overtones:

Furr had a fabulously bright stall with pots of screamingly bright Manic Panic hair colour, dreadfalls, and clip in extensions:

Crypt Trash had deliciously ghoulish jewellery and burlesque fascinators, combs, pasties etc – Jo and Venus Vamp (right) are pictured. Below that, a headwear stall from the lady who does hats for Gallery Serpentine:


Speaking of which, we had to make the journey up Enmore Road to check out the goth stores including Gallery Serpentine – and I had to take some pictures of its gorgeous interior:

After that, it was time to head to Burger Fuel, before resting and heading out to the UTBM club night. Did you do any Halloween shopping or partying?

Under the Blue Moon Festival 2010

I’m excited about tomorrow and its VERY full dance-card when it comes to alternative fashion and music.

Yes, it’s the Under the Blue Moon Festival of things dark, alternative, freakish and weird. Sydney people – start off your halloween celebrations with a trip to Enmore tomorrow, and you will not only be entertained, but get some retail therapy as well.

Based in the very epicentre of Sydney gothicness – Newtown/Enmore – the Under The Blue Moon Markets kick off at 10am so you can grab all sorts of cool threads and goodies with your little black claws! Newtown plaza will be packed full with stalls of creative people showing us the best of their produce.  


Some of the talented people and labels include:

50ft Queenie – undergarments for the Underworld, with a burlesque vibe
Beserk Clothing – super cool range of clothing for rock, goth, glam& rollerderby type girls & guys
Debstar Designs – gothic, rockabilly, gothabilly and roller derby jewellery
Duskmoth Designs – clothing for industrial or elegant darklings
Furr Hair – Manic Panic hair colour, makeup, and accessories, as well as Synthetic hair falls, Dread falls, wigs and clip in fringes
Gallery Serpentine – amaaazing corsets and very high quality gothic clothing
Holy Kitch & Curios – Day of the Dead, Frida Kahlo and other mexican and spooky accessories
Le Lash – Street, Alternative, Punk, Fetish, Cyber and costume wear
Le Cabinet des Curiosities – Gothic, Pagan & Occult jewellery, homewares, entomology, natural curiosities, gloves, accessories & weird stuff!
Primordial Design – original, unique jewellery in silver and gemstones
Tentacle Threads – clothing for circus freaks (I’ve written about Tentacle Threads recently here)
The Wild One – fab PVC designs for guys & gals, accessories and amazing military caps
Crypt Trash & Vanity Vamp – way out burleque and spooky accessories & pasties
Zentity designs – Alternative styled clothing for boiz & girlz specialising in street fun, club wear, romantic and corporate goth looks

The famous UTBM show bags will be available once again, full of surprises, prizes & the best discount vouchers to all the stores & stalls in the Alternative Arts, Retail Fashion District of Enmore Rd & Newtown! Yes, it’s very likely you’ll score a Fiend magazine (I really have to catch up with the last few issues myself so here’s hoping 🙂  Each bag also contains a ticket to the Coffin Raffle, drawn later that night at the UTBM festival night at the Factory Theatre.

For those interested in the darker side of life, the paranormal, the seedy stories from Sydney’s past, you’ll want to head over to Simplicity Funerals to hear Lectures in the Funeral Parlour. Want to learn of medical moulages  in the 19th century, the Secret History of the Pentagram, stories from the real underbelly of Sydney,  delve into the paranormal of Enmore road and meet the ghost in the basement of The Duke Hotel? Or learn more about vampires and what happens behind the magicians curtain? You know where to go.

Then there’s just time to head somewhere for a bite to eat and a few bevvies, before changing into your dark glamour gear and heading out for a night of bands, DJ’s and general running amok! Here is the action-packed line-up of the Under the Blue Moon musical festival:


8:15 – 8:50pm     Lunar Module
8:35 – 9:10pm    Juke Box Zombies
9:00 – 10:00pm    DJ DAISEN
8:50 – 9:00pm     Desert Moon Dancers
9:05 – 9:15pm     Rocky Horror
9:30 – 10:10pm    Murder Of Crow
9:15 – 9:55pm        The Horrorwood Mannequins
10:00 – 10:05pm    Strong Man
10:00 – 11:00pm    DJ VOODOO
10:40 – 11:15pm    Shiv-r
10:05 – 10:40pm    Hell Fire Documentary
10.30 – 11:10pm     Psych Carni
11:20 – 11:25pm    Fancy Piece & Coffin Raffle Drawn
11:00 – 12:00am    DJ REQIEM
11:35 – 12:25am Mz Ann Thopik
11.30 – 12:10am Pom Pom
12:00 – 1:00am    DJ METAVIRUS
12:30 – 1:30am    The Holy Soul
12:45 – 1:45am     DJ [VLRK] from GRENDEL
1:00  – 2:00am    DJ VAEIN

There are some amaaazing artists and DJ’s in the line-up – get your tickets here. I’ve already got mine!

So if you’re in Sydney, please join me for a full day’s festivities and night-time activities for a Halloween 2010 to remember!!

Iron Fist Fave Shoes

It would be remiss of me not to feature the awesome shoes of Iron Fist, having only glimpsed some of the new ones in my last post. And as I was asked what my faves were, here are some of them:

Muerte Punk Platform

Zebracorn Platform

Kiss Me Cobra Wedge

Mombassa Punk Platform

Zombie Stomper Platform

Kwassa Kwassa Platform

Iron Fist – hot alternative clothing & footwear

Iron Fist is a label that needs no introduction for most of us in the alternative scene…

It is a kickass clothing and footwear company with a dark/alternative ethos but bright colours – right up my alley!

Mike & Travis were 2 guys into the punk & skateboarding scene who started the company in 2001 from very humble beginnings – and look how it has grown!

They wanted to return to the energy and brand attitude of the rebellious years, when skateboarders lived on the streets and mohicans would get you kicked out of Disneyland.

Born out of simplicity and Iron Fist’s first retail outlet, the trunk of Travis’ car, the brand was well received by a then starving youth culture who were bored of traditional action sports and streetwear brands. No market strategy and no big budget, Iron Fist started selling by itself on product and artwork alone.

And now? Iron Fist has international distribution in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Russia and retailers in nearly every major city in the world. Iron Fist has flagship stores in Cape Town, South Africa and Czech Republic with plans to open more in the future.

The brand has expanded from punk beginnings to include fashion for goths, horror punks, 50’s vixens, and more. IF has such an irreverent and humorous take on apparel, you have to love it. Wolves baring their teeth on ladylike pumps, zombies on hoodies and bikinis, garish colours on EVERYTHING….ahh, go and check it all out in the Iron Fist webstore.

I just discovered that Iron Fist has a blog – awesome! Go and read it too – or the Australian Iron Fist blog.

Iron Fist has been attending a swathe of trade events, to ensure their brand gets the biggest exposure it can…and gain world domination!!! Muahahahaaaa…..

In the UK, the humungous Pure London trade fashion event has just wrapped at the Olympia (see a vid here and pics below). 

Iron Fist had a stand there, and previewed some delectable items for 2011, which I ganked from the ‘Cosmopolitan Blogs Pure’ blog.

I’d prefer a slightly larger platform, but I love them anyway…
From the Bread and Butter event in Berlin come these photos, from Iron Fist’s own blog:
In a week or so, Iron Fist will be at the Las Vegas Magic Trade Show as well! Here’s a cool little vid that explains what Magic is all about:

AAAnd if THAT isn’t enough, Iron Fist will also be at the Fashion Exposed event in Melbourne, 29-31 August. Phew!

I don’t actually own any Iron Fist as yet – I think it’s high time I did, starting with some of their fabulous platforms. How about you? Own any? What would you buy if you could?