Which bloggers should go to Fashion Week?

As tweeted by Susie of StyleBubble, I read this acerbic attack on fashion bloggers (Invasion of the digital dress dictators) with some distaste.

I was stunned with the ferocity of his attack, and disagree vehemently with some of his points. However…I can actually see some points too. (I’m a Gemini and often see both sides of an argument – consequently I play devil’s advocate a lot).

The thing is, it feeds directly into my own insecurities as a newbie blogger. I already question whether we should swan up to Fashion Weeks, Nikon in hand, to jostle with established magazine fashion editors, photographers and those in the industry.

The “blog-a-razzi” as the journo Damien Woolnough calls them, are people modelling themselves on Scott Schuman. In the wake of his success everyone with a webpage is a fashion editor in search of credibility and cash“, he writes. And (horror of horrors), “most of those involved weren’t even carrying tickets to the main event“.  Oh noes.

His main point of attack seems to be that bloggers hover around outside the events, cluttering the entrances, posing for pics and asking others to pose for theirs; the assumption being that they are as welcome as sewer rats, with just as little to contribute. And how dare they even be in the vicinity, if they aren’t on the sacred list to go inside.

“These are the entities that comprise the fashion fodder for innumerable blogs, blocking the entrance to the tents as clipboard-wielding bouncers for Kenzo or YSL keep them at bay”.

His other pet peeve seems to be that some bloggers become celebs themselves (a la Schuman and Dore, Susie Bubble and Bryan Boy) – as in, how dare they? I can appreciate the absurdity of fashion bloggers being as excited about seeing/snapping Bryan Boy as they are Anna Wintour or  Abby Lee. But has or hasn’t Bryan et al, earned the right?

I guess the question is: just because a blogger has a degree of popularity, does it mean they have real authority?

And just what does a blogger have to do to be seen as an authority? Should they chronicle every catwalk show, editorial, lookbook etc as obsessively and savant-like as little Tavi?  Offer opinions and analysis? Post religiously about upcoming collections and trends?  Snap innumerable pics of dudes and chicks looking hip on the street? Is just taking good pictures of yourself looking stylish on your sofa enough?

It does seem that bloggers with “clout”, aka a large readership (for whatever reason), get invited to major fashion events, regardless of whether or not they offer any real fashion editorial on their blogs.

So I do see the point that some fashion editors make, when they question why these bloggers are there. Once bloggers get to a certain rung on the ladder of success, their value becomes more to do with how many people they can influence, how much exposure they can offer (to emerging designers and stores eg).

To climb up the fashion blogger ladder though, it helps to go to Fashion Week and blog about it, so one has to start somewhere. And so, the newbie bloggers and would-be fashionistas hover, in hopes of getting a piece of the action.

For the record, I do think there are numbers of fashion bloggers who have a great sense of style and ability to edit and interpret trends, who are fluent in the language of fashion and able to communicate their excitement in a more effective way than some fashion professionals, who provide real value to both fashion houses and end consumers. We may all have different opinions as to who these are, however.

I suppose I have more observations and questions rather than answers. And while I’ll be jealous as hell this week when my fellow bloggers are at RAFW, I’ll partly be content in the knowledge that by not attending, I am one less newbie blogger to annoy journos like bloomin Damien Woolnough. Unless I decide to, heh, just stroll by, in case I get a chance to snap Susie Stylebubble.

Thoughts and opinions? Presumably not from people attending Fashion Week in Sydney this week, who may be too busy charging their Nikons and checking their schedules.

KIN clever marketing campaign aimed at social networkers

In a similar vein to my last post, I wanted to touch on the KIN phenomenon.

No, I don’t know heck about technology…but I think it’s a really clever marketing campaign that Microsoft has concocted here.

It is based around the question:


If you haven’t seen it, the story goes….

The KIN people send Rosa, armed with a KIN, around the US to visit her social network – that is, Facebook friends – to see what they are like in person.


There’s the Facebook sleaze…er, flirt, Matty Goldberg, Rosa’s ex, Rosa’s mum, the yoga instructor she’s never met in Honolulu…and that pretty much brings us up to now. Which ones does she hit it off with? Wish she’d left online? Embarrass her the most?

Have a look on the KIN Facebook page or YouTube to see.

Yes, I’m sure it’s a scripted “reality show”, but I like it anyway. The little bite sized snippets of people’s lives intersecting tickle me. The fact that it seems to have been designed with the social networker or blogger in mind, is interesting. Had I not just been given a nice new Nokia N97, I might be tempted.

For now, I’m waiting for episode 5…


Project Alpha – Bloggers on TV

This has become my new addiction!!

Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers.

It is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show tailor made for the online market which provides increased recognition of the expanding role and influence of bloggers across the nation.

Check the latest episode out here:


Or have a look at the Facebook page, where you can interact, and make comments.

If you haven’t yet watched an episode, you need to do so now – maybe start with Series 2 since it’s current. (Omigod, I swear I got heart palpitations just seeing KLIA Malaysian International Airport – I really have a thing for Malaysia. No really – I watched a lame reality show tonight called something like Time Bandits, as it was set in KL).

But back to the series. I’ll again let the Facebook page tell us:

Project Alpha emphasizes that every blogger is unique in their own way, each gaining popularity and credibility as opinion leaders on various topics including celebrity news, fashion trends, travel and entertainment. It is set to be the first online TV show to look beyond the screen to unveil the real faces behind Malaysia’s top bloggers, taking a sneak peek into their lives – who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and from where they derive their inspiration – to capture the attention and interest of millions of online readers on a daily basis.

Each blogger gets 7 episodes, so you can follow your fave on YouTube or jump around (as the House of Pain says).

See the bloggers take off their fake eyelashes!! See their messy rooms where they blog! See them sweat in gyms or scuba dive in Sipadan!

I already knew of Kenny Sia and Nicole Kiss (who USED to go out with Kenny).. but I didn’t know Audrey of fourfeetnine (nor that she goes out with Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang!! who has his own blog btw), or Redmummy.

Episode 5/7 with Nicole Kiss – she gets a hug off the free hug guy…and I did a double-take!! It’s only where I walk every day – in Newtown! Opposite the church and flower shop, near the Dendy. And then she says her fave place in Australia is… CANBERRA??!!  WTF??!!

But I again digress.

It is hosted by Jojo Struys, (and BTW – she’s HAWT!!!)

Season 1 of Project Alpha was aired on www.nuffnang.com.my/projectalpha and www.hitz.fm daily for 7 weeks starting on 18 September 2009. Season 2 of the show has just started airing from 19 April 2010 – just a week ago.

Which means, there are a lot of great episodes left in Series 2 for you and I to enjoy!

PS: if you read the posts of certain Malaysian/Singaporean bloggers, usually female, you’ll pick up on their liberal usage of the term “wtf”. It’s the one case where these otherwise wholesome people seem a little, er, crass? It actually expresses irony or sarcasm, stating the opposite of whatever goes before it in a sentence. (Whereas I prefer to use it just to state disbelief). The use of wtf, too, is addictive.

My big blue Nuffnang Outfit – the bluest of the blue

I’m already a great fan of blue – note the blue hair, nails, many items of clothing and accessories, and occasional wearing of blue lipstick.

So it was with relish that I tackled the task of a bright, blue outfit for the Sydney Nuffnang Xmas Party.

I’ve gone blue before to clubs, and in planning this outfit I revisited some of my past looks. There was the Blue Angel look from Berserk earlier in the year:

It was pretty “out there”,  but I liked the dress and corset combination. I thought the wig and over-the-top lenses, make-up and lashes might be a bit much for a pub in the city. And the Juliet cap was just a bit too medieval and costumey.
I remembered my aqua heart-shaped cap that I’d worn to Transmission (when I went as the blue-hued god Krishna for their Gods & Goddesses night).  Yes, I made it myself.
I had my blue nails already:
I put on my bright aqua tights and Victorian styled button booties:
I didn’t need to buy a thing; everything I wore, I already owned.

The completed outfit:

As to the night itself, I met lovely, funny outgoing people, most of whom were food bloggers, and Malaysian. Hey, I love food, I love Malaysia, I love Malaysian food…there was plenty to talk about. There were also a few girlies who blog about make-up and general lifestyle, so we talked fashion. I also complained how my dinky little digi camera didn’t make for the best images – as you can see below.
I’m with Janice from Chaigyaru
Some more pics and great people:
Stephanie of Absolutely Fuzzy
A pic that IS fuzzy, of Stephanie, Nicole and me.
I really need to get a good camera.
We headed to the Bavarian Beer Cafe after for more booze (and food for the food bloggers, heh). As soon as the food arrived, they whipped out the cameras for great shots for their blogs. Insane. Normal for them, but crazy to the rest of us. (Mind you, I used to do that on my holidays, but not so much at home).
I look forward to meeting up with them again – what a fun bunch.
And I want to encourage you, if you have a Christmas or other party coming up, to just go a little bit crazier and have fun with your outfit! Surely the silly season is the perfect time to do it! And post me links to your pics, too 🙂