Sydney Steampunk Symposium

Yesterday was a big day for the Sydney Fringe Festival – and for Steampunk!!

I attended the Steampunk Symposium at the Enmore Theatre (conveniently located 10 minutes walk from my house) and had a most splendid time!! I was quite astonished at the amount of effort patrons went to, both in their attire and their inventions and displays.  Firstly, my own attire – I went more as a steamship tinkerer or traveller, rather than as an elegant steam lady.

And now for my esteemed fellow steampunkers, whom I met on the street before I got to the theatre:

There were airship pirates and adventurers with steam-powered jetpacks


Sorry this one is blurred but they had GREAT costumes:


There were lovely ladies


Dashing steam dandies


There were lots of fascinating stands with artefacts and items for sale:

There was even a Steampunk R2D2 and radiogram!


There was also entertainment in the form of song, mime, burlesque, globe sorcering and more…

Or one could just wander around and take photos with the steam contraptions.

And that was merely the START of my night, as after this I went home and changed into gothy lolita gear for alternative fashion show Lunarmorph. Coming up next!


  1. Wow! What amazing outfits everyone had!! I would love to attend an event like this!! You looked fab. I really like your striped shirt+corset.

  2. I _LOVE_ your outfit! I was obsessed with the weapons stall. Did you see the elephant rifle! And the sidearms made out of lamp stands? Brilliant! I was in awe of everyones costumes 🙂

    And Lunarmorph was amazing as well!

  3. Wow! What a great event!! I have a few friends that would have LOVED to have been there! Must find out about more of these events to go and see 😀

  4. Oh, I would have loved to go to something like that. Please do post if there’s another one!

    • OK< will do!! There's a Steampunk clu coming up next week, on Dec 4th…but unfortunately I have ANOTHER club to go to that night. It's called Steampunk IX – check it out on facebook.


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