Style Angel

I don’t believe in angels or spirit guides. Not literally, anyway.

But somehow, just when I’m considering deviating from my style or adventure path, questioning whether at 45 I should still be sporting blue hair, or going off on mad adventures solo, an angel comes along to show me the way back.

Yesterday it was Vivienne Westwood. No, I didn’t run into her, but I read a thoughtful article and interview with her in the October issue of Elle UK, and her words really spoke to me.

Like a Style Angel hovering over me, she dragged me back from the temptation to get mired in the mainstream, water down my eccentricity and, well, just be more normal.

Her words? On page 263, when asked to give advice to ELLE readers:

‘Stand out!’ she commands.

‘It’s heroic to stand out. My clothes have always been heroic, whether it’s a latex negligee or a corsetted ballgown. So much of modern fashion is ordinary, but I notice young women in the street and I think they look very good – because they know it’s not about fashion, it’s how you put it together.

First you have to know who you are – or who you want to be. Then you have to use your clothes to tell your personal story. And be confident. I’ve never worried about what other people are wearing or what they think of me. I’m only interested in how I want to feel and look. You have to cut a figure. Step off the treadmill of fashion.’

She is so right. So much of fashion IS ordinary; I see it in so called street-fashion snaps and lookbooks all the time. Whilst other people are exclaiming over certain outfits, I’m yawning with boredom. Skinny jeans and a scarf around the neck do not a fashionista make.

In the end, you have to dress in the way that is exciting to YOU.  The vision you have is unique to you, and only you can truly bring your style vision to life (even if there are many others who share a similar vision).

Her words encourage me to explore, to push my own boundaries, to make the world a more colourful, exciting place. Let our mantra this week be:

“use your clothes to tell your personal story”

Tonight I will be embracing my blue-ness. Not only the hair, but I will wear my new aqua Lime Crime  lipstick ‘No, She Didn’t’, and maybe a blue leopard print corset and skirt, perhaps.  With a punch of some other colour to mix it up. And big platform boots, cos I love ’em.

What will you wear on your next night out, that expresses YOU?


  1. hello Fashion Traveller
    I liked your post about Vivienne very much.
    Yes, she is very inspiring.
    Prudence Millinery

  2. You're so lucky to know her! I'm sure she feels you're inspiring too; your millinery is fantastic 🙂