Singapore Goth shop Alice 88th. Cosplay, Gothic Lolita & Punk clothing, & dollfies

While we were wandering around the Haji/Bali Lane area in Singapore 2 Saturday nights ago, we discovered a goth/ lolita /punk clothing, cosplay and dollfie  shop. It’s called Alice 88th, and intrigued by the gothic dolls in the window, we ventured inside to investigate.

Once inside we met Alice herself, a coloured hair punk like myself, and saw a fantastic array of Japanese brand clothing (some I’d just seen the previous week in Japan!), cosplay clothing and wigs, and dolls.
As it says on the Alice 88th website:

Founded by owner and designer, Alice Khor, Alice 88th is a unique one-of-its-kind concept based Gothic House, design studio & workshop and Cosplay (“costume play” in short) boutique all in one where you are free to let your creativity run wild.

Inspired by her passionate interest in costume play or ‘Cosplay’ in short (ko-su-pu-re in Japanese) combined with her own magical imagination and keen eye for details, Alice has a knack for selecting and designing outfits that literally transform into a colourful and textural feast for the eyes.

I also couldn’t help but notice the fantastic wigs, in all their spiky, technicolour glory:

But Alice’s grand passion is dolls. She takes great pride in them, and encouraged me to “nurse” them 🙂

She has put together and adorned  more dolls than you could poke a stick at, and can order in your favourites too.
To see all of them, check out the Alice 88th flickr site. There are also accessories like eyes in every conceivable colour, so you can customise the doll to look exactly how you want.
There’s sweet lolita clothing as well as the punk and goth stuff I like:
Not to mention cool shoes and boots

Alice was uber nice to talk to, and the odd goth/alternative person popped in to say hi while we were there. Do drop in if you’re in Singapore and in need of alternative wear or cosplay gear. Or, you know, if you suddenly find yourself caught short in the doll department 😉

Alice 88th is located at: 15 Bali Lane, S189851 Opposite the Golden Landmark Building.


  1. Those dolls are amazing – i have always had a bit of a thing for dolls, especially dolls that are a little less usual!

  2. I never thought of myself as a doll person…but I've seen some amazing ones there and in Japan. There was an exhibition of Gothic Lolita dolls in Shinjuku when I was there that I must post soon.

  3. i think some information is a little wrong, she's not the creator of the dolls. Dollzone created the dolls but she is the agent/retailer of Dollzone.:)

  4. Thanks, amended now. I knew she ordered some in, but she does have lots of parts so she must at least customise some of them herself.

  5. Ahh cosplay so close to my own heart *giggle* love the outfits and those wigs!

  6. cosplay should come closer to were i live and it is a little town called harbor beach its small not much but it would bring more tourists.

  7. senen kids like me r very nice if you just talk to them


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