Shinjuku fruitsy girl and Shibuya deco nails extraordinaire

Here’s a few pics from my last Saturday in Tokyo. I started off in Kabukicho, and walking from Hotel Shirakawago I spotted this cool chick who was kind of fruitsy, and kind of goth.  One of the few NOT to be dressed hostess stylee in these parts.

I love how she has layered the leopard, and that she’s not afraid to be wacky.  You can’t really see it here but she has spooky lenses in, and lots of piercings in her ears. 
“Hey! We have the same ring”, she said. And it was true – mine was green and hers was black. Our fashion styles overlap, even if she is far more into the fruitsy style than me.
I continued onto Shibuya, for my last visit this time around.  Of course there were a zillion people waiting at the Hachiko statue. Nice to see the blossoms just coming out on the tree. Familiar to see the old dude with the long hair and beard hanging around there.
And of course, the images on the buildings give you something to look at while you wait for the lights to change. This time the ipad was being spruiked.
But it was Shibuya 109 I was heading for…
Whereupon I started at the top floor and worked my way down. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t intending to buy anything…but I did. I got a great belt buckle that I will use as a necklace or brooch.
But the most amazing thing was the nails of the girl who served me in the store.
Whoa! How does she work in those things? But she does. She packaged up my little ornament in tissue paper and the plastic sealed baggie things they have here, handled the money and gave me my change. It’s a real skill to be learned.
I did grab a few great lashes and things from other shops, but my final purchase of the day was these rockin studded shoes.

All in all, I was quite happy with my afternoon. Later that night would be the visit to the hairdresser and then to Midnight Mess – check out my earlier posts for those.

Many more Tokyo posts to come, so do pop back 🙂


  1. That brooch is so spectacular! I can't wait to see how you wear it 😀 Omg the nails are insane! She must get so many comments on them, completely fantastic!

  2. Hehe, the nails ARE insane! Most of us couldn't do a thing in them.

  3. ha…i have enough problems doing stuff with SHORT nails!!!
    how on earth does she text?

  4. Good point! I have a new Nokia N97 and have troubles texting with nails 3mm longer than my fingertips :/