Serendipitous Singapore

I love Serendipity. I don’t believe in horoscopes or fortune telling…but sometimes these cool coincidences occur and you just smile and say “thank you” to the powers that be.

Like the time I was in Harajuku recently and saw Adam Lambert looming ahead of me. I knew he was in the country, but to see him in the flesh, get pics and have a quick chat – swoon!

And now there’s Singapore. I’m off to Singapore later today, for the furst time in 20 years. I used to go when I was in my early twenties, on my way to India. I had my first BBQ pork bun there, my first ais kachang, and so many other great things. In recent years I’ve mainly been travelling to South East Asia, or Japan.

But last week my husband starting floating the idea of a long weekend in Singapore. He’s never been, but knows the food is great, the climate warm, the streets clean…and he may have just watched a Tony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern show on the subject 🙂

Despite my inner misgivings due to only returning from Japan on Monday and working ever since, I let the boy have his wish and agreed. And so it is that I’ll get home about 6am, finish packing, grab a few hours sleep and be out the door at midday to fly to the Lion City.

Imagine my surprise when, browsing the Nuffnang pages, I discovered Singapore’s first ever Bloggers’ Symposium taking place this Saturday!  And guess what?  I’m in!

It starts with a general speech on the evolution of photography and blogging and we’ll learn how they’ve come together to become a huge part of each other.

After that, we’ll be split into classrooms of 60 for an intimate discussion workshop with our favorite bloggers and get to know how they came from blog zeroes to blog heroes!

Much as I’d love to hear from blogging superstar Xiaxue, I elected to sit in on the Fashion workshop with Belluspuera, the owner of Bonito Chico blogstore, and Nicole of Mycherrymagazine, who also has an online boutique Nicolethen. Cos I is a fashionista, yanno?
Belluspuera will be covering these (in her own words):
1) My very own style tips on what’s hot & what’s not 😉

2) Jump on the bandwagon of the growing online retail trend
3) Maintaining a competitive edge – how does one stay one step ahead
4) Photography in the portrayal of fashion; tips on how to take great photos!

As photography is one major flaw in my blog right now, I’m majorly excited to be going. I also can’t wait to meet a big bunch of bloggers, and to hear from those who have made such a success of it. (And I want to pick up the lingo, lah? Who dun want?)

But that’s enough gushing from me. A little more work lies ahead, a little more packing, a few hours sleep…

Speak to you from Singapore!