Seileen Night at the Decadance Bar (again)

After a few Aussie posts, I think we’re well overdue for some more eyecandy from Tokyo, neh?

I did already post about the Decadance Bar and my first Saturday night there for Seileen. However, my friend Tsuya has posted some great photos that I wanted to share with you all.

Like this one of Tim and Tim. These guys were in Tokyo doing a travel doco, and had just been to an Anime Convention that day with La Carmina, hence their get-up. They were filming again that night.

I think I got filmed as I was talking to Jab (with the black sclera lenses), but we’ll just have to watch the show when it comes out.

Kengo, below, was an amazing bartender and party animal, while Sisen is also consistently interesting to watch.


There were some lovely girls in attendance too, with Mori and Dolly Kei influences on one hand,

and Fairy Kei on the other



And a couple of other interesting bods, Tara with her fangs out, and Jab looking confused:


Less interestingly, there was me, seen here with Tsuya


La Carmina and Lauren looking naughty – you may have seen them on another famous blog, heh!

OK so it’s just more party pictures – but they’re so purdy!


  1. i love love love the skeleton socking that you had on!!! 🙂 Would love it if i could find one in i-socks here in KL. 🙂

  2. LOVE it! Great photos from that night!
    Interestingly, Kengo is called Preta Porco when he wears that outfit (like Pret a Porter)… haha

    • They were! I must go back and put the links in and everything…was hurrying to post it 🙂 Preta Porco – haha! Kengo is amazing, eh? Full of personality.

  3. Hi Helen,

    So great to meet you yesterday! Loving the Tokyo pics, makes me feel like I need to put in a lot more effort getting ready, I need pretty blue contacts dammit!


  4. OMG, what a faux pas, and I even know that, ahhhh sorry Sweets, Monday madness! xox

  5. PS loving the new WordPress + layout.


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