Saturday afternoon walk through Harajuku

I’ll be doing more posts on Harajuku when I go back specifically to snap – but Saturday was all about the shopping. Yes, there was the usual mayhem trying to get down the street – but it was nothing compared to the Sunday, when it was rumoured Adam Lambert would be there!!
I visted Takuya Angel’s store for a chat and some lashes – and to pick up my Decadance flyer for a discount at the door 🙂 And then visited Sex Pot Revenge round the corner.
I’m always drawn to shoe stores and browsed through a few; I’m pleased to report there are a LOT of cool platform shoes and booties around this season. I’m NOT very pleased with all the cowboy boots I see 🙁  There are a lot of bright and pastel colours around now too, such as aqua, mauve and pink, punctuated by a black & white striped heel, buckles or zips for interest.
There were lots of pastel, “pretty” shops
I had to vist the infamous Bodyline while there…and picked up a great pair of bright blue shiny pvc engineer boots for around $25, as well as a jacket and some eyelashes.
Got to the end of Takeshita and walked through the gentler side of Harajuku, around Harajuku Street, spying stores such as Putumayo, a lolita label.
And then it was time to hit La Foret.
This is the store where the 2 basement floors are devoted to gothic punk lolita brands. I also visited Hel
mut Lang, but it wasn’t very interesting. By the end of the day, I had so many shopping bags, I decided not to fight the crowds to get into the Harajuku JR line station and instead went underground and caught a Metro line home. FAR less people this way, and it’s my tip for you when you come here.
Today I’m off to Shibuya…where there is lots of great fashion to behold.