Rubi Rocket Jewellery & Accessories

As mentioned in my Worn Wild post from last week, I introduce to you the very hip

Rubi Rocket is a fun jewellery line that specialises in laser cut designs – often in perspex, sometimes in felt. I fell in love with their bright colours and humour; see this Zombie necklace I bought: for the “i” it has a zombie man with his head lolling to the side ROFL!

It has something for most alternative subcultures too – there’s the Graveyard Treats and Monsterfied sections for horror buffs, goths and deathrockers,

Hotrod Style and Tattoo Culture for the vintage, rockabilly and tattoo scene,

Neon Retro Pop for electro and 80’s babes,

Nameplates for princesses (or ghouls) who like to wear their own name, and Roller Derby Baby for…well you figure it out.

There is even a Twilighter section for Twilight fans (hey, they’re people too – don’t hate on me for mentioning them 🙂

The Rubi Rocket brand has been around a few years, been worn by celebs like Jane Gazzo (seen below at the Arias in 08) and featured in too many Polyvore sets and magazines to mention!

Jane is in a Tokyo Joe dress

So you just KNOW it’s cool! I’m certainly going to be wearing my Zombie necklace and skull hairclips out tonight.

The prices are very reasonable, so if you’re looking for fun jewellery for yourself, or a groovy gift for a friend – head to the Rubi Rocket website – because you are going to find something really unusual and fab!