Punk in Japan. Punkloid, Punkafoolic, Shibuya Crash & Bayside Crash

I sometimes get asked how I find out what clubs, music events and festivals are on in Japan (so that I can plan to go when cool things are on).

Well, it’s all about looking in the right places online. Even if you don’t read Japanese (which I don’t), you can find out a lot.

Apart from my goth & deathrock interests, I’ve also previously mentioned I’m into ska and punk (see this post for a bunch of links), and I talked about various punk events coming up around March/April here.

I’ve recently discovered some more great resources for checking out punk music in Japan – and discovered some upcoming festivals to boot!

Punkloid is a website that has upcoming news, links to other cool sites and blogs of artists involved in the scene and TA-DA!!! also has an online magazine that keeps you up to date.

Punkloid Magazine

Punkloid magazine is an online zine which started in February this year. It likewise brings you news, upcoming gigs and festivals, has event reports of past ones, reviews, ads from the industry (cds, tattoos etc), new releases, and a section which publishes readers reviews.

The latest issue is number 5, and it promises to be a busy time in gigtown for Japanese punks by the looks of it!

Related to Punkloid, this site run by Punk Rock Confidential Japan brings the latest gigs, news, archives of past events and more.

Fat Wreck

The site of fat Wreck Chords Japan also has the latest on bands from their stable, so keep an eye out, and you never know what you’ll find. For example, the Mad Caddies are going to tour Japan in Sptember!

Which leads me to some upcoming events…

Bayside Crash 2010

Shibuya Crash 2010

And just look at the line-up!

Mad Caddies is a well known name in the west, but I also know Japanese bands Dallax, Radiots, Redemption97 and Mugwumps. (Hiro from Radiots is also in Junior, a previously mentioned favourite of mine). Take Back the Beers is just an awesome name, and a band that deserves to be heard 🙂

This could really tempt me to swing back over there early September, especially given that there is a Tokyo Dark Castle on the 4th from midnight. Hmm…

If you’re heading to Japan or already there and like punk, check out these resources – oh, and don’t forget the Tokyo Gig Guide while you’re there!