Outfit for the Damned

Well helloo, anyone remember me? It has been the longest break since I started the blog – but blimey, it has been SOOOOO hectic this past 2 weeks!

I’ll write a separate post about the wonder that was Wave Gotik Treffen 2011, but for now I’ll just mention my best band for the festival – the Damned were SUPERB!! Despite the stultifyingly hot venue, claustrophobic crowd conditins, tortured feet etc…all the pain went away when Eloise came on, I tell you!!

For now, here’s the outfit I wore to the gig…I definitely never wore PVC for a gig again after that night – or fake hair. Too hot!!


The half hairpiece is from Plastikhaar, the pvc ballgown skirt from Artifice Designs, the corset from Deadly Girlz, and the boots from Yosuke in Japan. Bottom lashes are from Takuya Angel, & little bowler hat is from Shibuya (the store in Sussex Street Sydney). I later added some long black goves trimmed with iridescent feathers, and a Black Peace Now gothic cross.

Here’s the queue starting to form for Cinema Strange, which came on before the Damned.

We only have shitty phone pics of the gig, but here’s a few blurry ones of the Damned.


Gotta run, but will be posting more pics and updates about WGT soon!


  1. GREAT outfit! You were very brave to wear PVC to a concert 😀 I would have fainted! I am particularly in love with your little hat 😀

  2. Oh yay! I’ve been waiting to hear about Treffen. I saw the Damned years ago in London. I was glad to hear they’re still around. Your outfit is stunning! Love the hair.

  3. Those fake eyes make a strong image. If I saw you at a show it would be hard for me to stop looking at you.

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time! Seen lots of photos from Wave Gotik Treffen and it’s totally put me in the mood to get my goth on. Got tickets for Combichrist on Friday 1st July and gonna follow up the gig with a good night out dancing to goth choons xx

  5. You look sensational as always!

    Can’t wait to read more about you WGT experience – we’re considering doing that fest next year instead of Kinetik – BUT if there are too many long lines, and uncomfortable venues – we may have to stick w/ Kinetik! Do tell!

    • Oh ta! There weren’t too many long lines, as long as you get to venues early when there are big bands like Covenant or the Damned. I’d defo recommend it!! More soon 🙂

  6. Love it! 🙂

  7. Aww thanks Valerie 🙂 I WILL be posting again; just been very busy, and when we got home our internet provider had cut off our net access a month early. Yikes. I *may* get to japan in October for Fashion Week, but we’ll see… I got to catch up with G-sus, Sisen & Kenny in Germany, which was cool 🙂