One Outfit Three Ways: Little Leopard Dress.

Before I move onto the next chapter of my Cambodian travels, I just had to post some pics of my new dress.

It’s an adorable leopard print chiffon dress from Munky Bizness, strapless with gathered detailing over the bust and a little bow just beneath the bust. I wanted to see how it looked with different jackets and accessories, but I kept the same red A-line wig for all the looks.

So here it is – the little leopard dress (or LLD), three ways.

Firstly, there’s the basic summery dress, worn over a little bustier cos it’s a little low in the front for me. I accessorised with the leopard pillbox hat and some black beads.

For the next look I went with a much more neutral eye and lip, and added a little black jacket cinched in with a wide red patent belt, glittery chain necklet, leopard beret a la Bonnie & Clyde, and some gorgeous patent red wedges with leopard print heel. It’s ladylike and a little retro.
The top half:
the shoes
 For my last look I thought I’d toughen it up with leather fingerless glove and a leather jacket – except it’s vinyl, heh. I exaggerated the eye make-up and added brown button boots to match the military/steampunk detailing on the jacket. A grey topper completes the look. Overall there’s an 80’s feel; perhaps Siouxsie meets Adam Ant.
So that’s the first of my one outfit / three ways posts. Perhaps I’ll make it a weekly event – Three Way Thursday, anyone?


  1. Great makeup! I really like the third version. But I have a strong boot-tophat-glove bias.


  2. Thanks Siouxsie 🙂 I'm always in boots and have way too many pairs. Pity it's so hot in Oz now, that jackets and boots aren't really a wearable option!

  3. i have a very similar leopard beret!

  4. My, you've got a few, haven't you Steph?