New fashion blogs I love

Scouting around the fashion blog world this week I’ve found a few style blogs that are new to me, and which I find refreshing.

I often stay away from the big name fashion blogs as I find a lot to be quite cookie-cutter, and also full of stick-thin young blondes.  Here’s some I really like, with why I like them.


This blog is a collaborative effort of 3 Canadian sisters, 2 of whom are twins (Caillianne and Samantha), and who are designers in their own right. Look below and you’ll see why I love Samantha in particular – that bright aqua HAIR!

beckerman biteplate fashion blog

The girls have a fantastic feel for colour, although I like their black/grey combos too:


Samantha beckerman 

Beckerman bite plate fashion blog

One of the things I really liked is that they have “normal” figures. They’re not uber skinny, they don’t have legs like gazelles…and they still look great in their shoots! As someone who is short and has slightly stumpy legs, I find that really encouraging!

Beckerman sisters fashion blog

Oh, and their mother is SIXTY and still looks GORGEOUS!!

from Beckerman biteplate fashion blog

I have found a new role model – a rock chick at 60. Man, I’m not even 50 and sometimes feel old. But seeing a hot mama like this really gives me hope.

My second new fave blogger IS someone who is young and skinny (and with very thin yet shapely and muscular legs) – but she’s brunette!  Her mastery with colour and print just blows my socks off.

Macademian Girl

From Poland, Macademian Girl is  22 year old interior design student Tamara Gonzalez Perea.  I discovered her through her outfits on Fashion Finder at ASOS. Like me, she loves stripes, leopard, aqua, neon yellow and skulls – though she pairs hers with pink more than I ever do. She also wears headpieces or hats quite a lot in her outfits, and this really contributes to her totally finished and polished looks. I am totally jell of her massive collection, which seems to include boyfriend blazers in every hue of the rainbow.

Macdemian girl fashion blog

Macademian girl fashion blog

Anyway, check her blog for more eye-popping outfits, and to see how fantastic the photography is.  Tamara also does collages of her fashion finds or fashion wants – and most of the time, I want what’s in them too! Seeing her outfits has really re-energised me to funk up the colour in my own outfits and make time to do some outfit shoots. Too often it’s only racing out the door to a nightclub that I get photos taken..and the lighting is then not great, and hubby not predisposed to take time with it.

What about you? Discovered any inspiring fashion blogs lately? What do you think of these girls, their style and their blogs?


  1. Well I came here through the comments on the Beckerman’s Bite Plate blog, so I’ve seen them but I’ve never seen the other blog you chose before – it looks great. I have to agree with what you said about the Beckerman’s – i love their crazy eclectic mismatched style. & as for the second blog, from the pictures you showed me, she appears to have a real way with working bright colours and ultra feminine things – like that first pair of shoes & the headpieces. This is a cool post idea too, I’m always on th e lookout for new blogs 🙂

  2. Macademian Girl is looking nice and beautiful, the dress are looking good on her,

  3. Now thats what fashions about, owning your style and it shows you look great.

  4. This looks like such an amazing blog!Good for you! I can’t wait to see the new blog- I am sure I will love it as much as I love this one! : )