My travelling wardrobe

So I’ve been a dirty rotten stopout for not posting very much…it’s hard when you’re travelling, you know? I thought I’d just post a few fashiony shots, so here is my lovingly merchandised rack of clothes as seen in my Seoul hotel room (click on any to see larger):


The pink vinyl biker jacket is from Seoul, found on Level 5 of the Noon Square mall in Myeong-Dong. And boy, have I been wearing it everywhere!  The orange skirt is from Zara, also in Seoul. Everything else I brought away with me.


Obviously those shoes are just SO WRONG…so I went out to Hongdae and bought a pair of coral platforms that  fall between the orange & pink (& a pair of green ones at another store). Drool at the shoes behind us in the pics…


AS for the shoes themselves…you’ll just have to wait for my haul post, coming soon…


  1. Excellent choices for Seoul! I love that you look just as pretty and at home in the orange/pink/coral as you do in green/blue/purple. I think you may be the only person on the planet who does, in fact! Is there any color you won’t wear?

    • Oh pshaw! You over-flatter me, my dear! (But thanks)

      Um, I don’t like bottle green as I used to have to wear it at school, and I used to not like yellow, but I quite like the greeny-yellow known as chartreuse now. I also don’t wear a lot of red or brown, but I’m game for just about anything else! How about you? Fave colours to wear?

  2. Ok, that pink jacket is AMAZING!!

    • It IS a bit diff from your usual black biker jacket, isn’t it? And now I’ve bought a slightly different aviator jacket in turquoise! I just love bright coloured faux leather.

  3. I’m loving the pink jacket, Leanne, but the orange skirt is my favourite.
    Great finds! xoxo


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