My first dreads – 6 years ago

I was looking through old photos when I discovered that on this day 6 years ago, in January 2004, I first went blue.
Dyed my hair bright blue, that is.

I’d had screamingly bright red hair for 6 years, then a dark indigo purple for a bit, and it was time for a change. First I had to strip the current dye out, and it went an awful mint green on top. With black on the bottom and a pale rust in between. Oh dear. Oh well, hopefully the blue dye would cover that.

I’d bought a heap of Nubian (blunt ended) dreads on ebay in blue and purple. And who else would I get to install them but reigning fake-hair queen of that time, Amelia, aka DestroyX.

Amelia did the plaits extra tight so the dreads would last as long as possible..but man, I had a headache for days!!

Karl kept us supplied with coffee and tim tams…it took over 5 hours so sustenance was needed. They also introduced me to some music I’d not heard before, like Skinny Puppy. The final result:

They lasted until April! I’ve gone on to have many different dreads and forms of fake hair in the intervening years – the usual pointy ended handmade dreads, wool roving ones I made myself, colinette braided in, plastic braided in, cyberlox, curly dreads, temporary falls…but this started off my love affair with fake hair.
I became an avid member of the EZ fake hair board and forum (now closed), and Quinnster taught me everything I know. Then came Heavenly Hair, and these days it’s the Hair Extensions forum.  I recommend a browse through all these if you want inspiration.
I don’t wear it as much these days (I wear a lot of wigs now), but every now and then if I think I’m getting too staid, I’ll braid something fake in.
For those who love bright colours, alternative haircuts and extensions, I can recommend these hairdressers if you’re in Australia. Melbourne and Perth – Wildilocks; Sydney – Doppelganger Hair (my hairdresser) and Furr (the girl on the front page was styled by me for a Fiend magazine shoot).
Have you dabbled in the dark art of fake hair?


  1. I am an author researching and seeking interviews about the dread lock hair style. I have only a few questions that I would like you to respond to. I appreciate your help in this endeavor. You can check out interviews I have already acquired on by clicking on the category interviews on the left hand side of the page. If you decide to participate e-mail your response to: (subject) HAIR.

    1.When and why did you decide to wear dreadlocks?
    2.What was the initial response to your hair style from friends, family, and peers?
    3.What do you like or dislike about your hair?
    4.Have you noticed a boost in confidence or any other personality changes?
    5.What is the response to your hair now?
    6.What state are you from?

  2. I have only started to dabble with fake hair. I have not had the good fortune of mine lasting as long as yours. Four months would be pretty sweet.
    Your blue dreads were amazing.

  3. Sorry guys; I only just checked back and saw these comments! Rizerfall, I'll do the interview questions shortly. Siouxsielaw – I guess you have to be a bit conservative with your hair in the law profession 🙂 I did curly blue and green dreads last June, which were even better than these first ones.

  4. im inpressed by the hair styles i love the colours , but it seems that she dosent suit the colours and that she has toooo much bright colours

    • I think it’s the dreads themselves that are a bit nasty – they were manufactured ones…and yeah, blue and purple together do clash a bit! However, there are some lovely blue dreads out there (that I have worn since).

  5. hey, i have made wool ones myself and love them, one question though… i have taken them out before time 2 wash my scalp, how do you go about doing that? can you please email me answer? thanks- jessica

  6. also, how many did you use for your head?