My big striped clothing collection

Just for shits & giggles, I decided to group my wardrobe a little bit…and discovered the ridiculous amount of stripey wear I have. I am also a complete jacket whore, and so I start with these.

1. Black & white striped jackets

The round striped bag in the middle is by Japanese gal brand Lip Service
Left to right: Lip Service (US goth/fetish brand, Lady Is A Tramp line), Switchblade Stiletto, Cue, Fanplusfriend, Purpur
2. Striped jackets in other colours, or black with striped lining

Bodyline, Seduce, ??, ??, Lip Service Blacklist, tux with tails from Dangerfield

3. Striped Skirts & dresses

Black Peace Now, Arsenic Fashions Bustle, Spank skirt with zips, Peace Now pinafore. I bought a new one at Worn Wild but forgot to photograph it – doh!
I also forgot the bustle skirt from Fanplusfriend that matches the jacket – double doh!
But here’s a pic of me in the outfit in Harajuku back in 08

And one solitary dress…

Striped sundress from Tree of Life
4. Striped Pants
Tripp red/black pants, Swtchblade Stiletto pants, Lip Service Lady Is a Tramp Pants, GLP wide pants.
5. Striped corsets

Above: Deadlygirlz or DGFH7

Left: House of Worship (very steampunk!)

And that’s not including leggings, gloves, ties, and other accessories. I do NOT currently own any striped shoes, however 🙁
Is your striped clothing collection similarly out of control? What’s your fave from my collection here?


  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, you have much stripiness! My favourites would be Fanplusdfriend coat and the Arsenic Fashions bustle.

    Also I have to tell you that you inspired me to make a b/w striped bustle skirt after reading your blog.


  2. Oh awesome!! I know you have the mad sewing skillz to make a fantastic bustle. We shall have to go to High Tea one arvo wearing our finery 🙂

  3. Great pictures! It's always nice to see someone with a refreshing and unique selection of women's clothing.

  4. Holy bajeeebus that's a lot of stripes! I'm going cross eyed!

  5. There's that pinafore! Let me know if you ever ebay it.
    I think my other favorite is the Fanplusfriend jacket too. Something about the ruffled edging.

  6. Hi Back!!
    Wow you must love stripes!!
    I love Lip Service, I have a dress by them.

  7. I think you've got an addiction :p

  8. Vi – NOOO! Uncross your eyes before the wind changes, or you won't be able to sew or do deco 🙂

    S.Law – you'll be the first to know if I ever sell that baby 🙂

    Mercedes – yeah, Lip Service is kinda the go to brand for alt and goth chicks. I stopped buying for quite a while as EVERYONE here would have the same thing…but may start again soon..

    Rachel – yep, I think I just may have. Perhaps I should build up my spots or leopard stash now 😉

  9. Great stripe collections you have!!
    Like them aaaaaalllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!

  10. Haha…I knew you would!! You probably have as many stripes as me!

  11. woa! I LOVE stripes! I sometimes have to stop me from buying striped clothing but you have a lot more!
    I'm so jealous of that gorgeous corset from Deadlygirlz.
    That jacket with the white bows on the sleeves is very cute too!

  12. Hahaha…yes, the collection is a little vast. But I DO actually look at striped things and put them back on the rach now, would you believe? Did it just last week – a striped jacket from Cue, and I said "I have enough!"