My big blue Nuffnang Outfit – the bluest of the blue

I’m already a great fan of blue – note the blue hair, nails, many items of clothing and accessories, and occasional wearing of blue lipstick.

So it was with relish that I tackled the task of a bright, blue outfit for the Sydney Nuffnang Xmas Party.

I’ve gone blue before to clubs, and in planning this outfit I revisited some of my past looks. There was the Blue Angel look from Berserk earlier in the year:

It was pretty “out there”,  but I liked the dress and corset combination. I thought the wig and over-the-top lenses, make-up and lashes might be a bit much for a pub in the city. And the Juliet cap was just a bit too medieval and costumey.
I remembered my aqua heart-shaped cap that I’d worn to Transmission (when I went as the blue-hued god Krishna for their Gods & Goddesses night).  Yes, I made it myself.
I had my blue nails already:
I put on my bright aqua tights and Victorian styled button booties:
I didn’t need to buy a thing; everything I wore, I already owned.

The completed outfit:

As to the night itself, I met lovely, funny outgoing people, most of whom were food bloggers, and Malaysian. Hey, I love food, I love Malaysia, I love Malaysian food…there was plenty to talk about. There were also a few girlies who blog about make-up and general lifestyle, so we talked fashion. I also complained how my dinky little digi camera didn’t make for the best images – as you can see below.
I’m with Janice from Chaigyaru
Some more pics and great people:
Stephanie of Absolutely Fuzzy
A pic that IS fuzzy, of Stephanie, Nicole and me.
I really need to get a good camera.
We headed to the Bavarian Beer Cafe after for more booze (and food for the food bloggers, heh). As soon as the food arrived, they whipped out the cameras for great shots for their blogs. Insane. Normal for them, but crazy to the rest of us. (Mind you, I used to do that on my holidays, but not so much at home).
I look forward to meeting up with them again – what a fun bunch.
And I want to encourage you, if you have a Christmas or other party coming up, to just go a little bit crazier and have fun with your outfit! Surely the silly season is the perfect time to do it! And post me links to your pics, too 🙂


  1. Goshyyyy. Check the outfit out!!!!
    Awesome effort =) Yay heHe.

  2. Thanks, MizzSharon! I love having events to get dressed up for 🙂

  3. Your hat and those booties! GAH. LOVE THEM.

  4. Hi!

    Wasn't able to find your email addy so I'll cover it here.

    Just wanted to let you know that I've uploaded the photos from my camera for the Nuffnang Christmas party. If you need the URL, please let me know.

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    You have won our best dressed for the Nuffnang Blue Christmas party!

    Please contact me david @ for us to arrange your $100 iTunes or Red Balloon voucher.

    Check out the other winners too:

  6. Hay David – thanks so much!!! I've emailed you now 🙂