January 2nd – Naoto Fukubukuro Day!

Well, I had an epic shopping adventure today!

I decided to start off with my first love – gothic fashion, namely, at Marui One floors 6, 7 & 8.  There was no queue, as I did leave it til after 10am to go…but boy were there shoppers once inside!

I bought 2 lucky bags from h.Naoto – although the choice from his various ranges was vast, including Gouk, Gramm, Heaven, Peace Now, Sixh etc,  chose Black Peace Now and Anarchy.

Here’s what was inside:

Black Peace Now

I chose the purple bag which was “cool”, the red BPN bag was “pretty”

Four good items were inside:

1) an assymetrical hem t-shirt dress, value 9,030 yen 2) assymetrical hem skirt, value 14, 280 yen (I can only just get it done up and it’s a medium)


3) A great black jacket with zips and buckles, value 22,050 yen


4) a white blouse with matching ruffled collar (not in picture), value 14,90

So you see, the value of any one item made up for the 10,500 fukubukuro charge (or was it 10,000?) 

Then there was the Anarchy bag for 10,500 yen, which had 6 items.


1) t-shirt type dress with elasticised drop-waist & 2) purple tank top


3) Warm wool jacket and 4) jeans


5) a hip length fleecy hoody with pockets, and 6) a check scarf. I have to admit, these I wore all day.

You see, the goodie bags weighed so much, and I left my credit card back in my room, so I decided to go back to my hotel and dump it all before heading out to Shibuya. I changed my vinyl jacket I’d worn for the hoodie, and wrapped the scarf round my neck.

The jeans will have to be sold, as I don’t wear them and they’re too small. The warm wool jacket is a bit too big…but maye Dom can wear it. Not sure if the dress with the drop-waist is really me…will have to wait til I put it on. I have to confess it made me cautious of buying more goodie bags. I only have so much unwanted stuff I can take on the plane!

After this I went to Shibuya 109, then La Foret and Takeshita Street in Harajuku, before hitting Lumine Est back in Shinjuku and then the subnade. Bought more things, but all separate; no bags. Alas, the pics are on my little camera, and I failed to pack the uploading cable for it…so pics of girls with their fuku bags will have to wait.  I think this is enough for today, but I’ll show the rest of my haul tomorrow.

What items did you like best in this stash?


  1. Oooh, I so wanna hate you right now! What a fantastic haul! I’m partial to the purple cami (it’s no secret that purple’s my favorite color), and the jacket with the zippers and buckles.

  2. I’m actually wearing the purple cami right now! Yeah, I’ve long loved purple too. And great taste re: the jacket 🙂
    I may be off to Closet Child with the items that didn’t fit/aren’t me, though!

  3. I love that jacket from Black Peace Now! The skirt is really great as well. Maybe I need to look more into the brand, lol. Last time I skimmed through their site it looked very lacey and lolita to me, I like the gothic elements but lacey just isn’t my thing. The outfit in that fukubukuro is great though!

    I think I’m going to keep my eye on those jeans if you sell them =P I might snatch them up if I have the money for ’em.

    • Naoto has so many diff lines that there’s sure to be one you like. I own mostly Black Peace Now stuff from him – much of it is more aristocratic loli – like, tailored jackets & vests, assymetric skirts, ruffled striped neckpieces. As for the pants…I’m 36 hips and coudn’t even get them over my thighs…you’d have to be pretty small to get into them.

      • Hm what size are they, does it say? I can wear a Japanese medium now but once I lose my goal weight I could probably manage a small. I used to be able to wear them like 3 years ago, and I haven’t grown since middle school so I know that wouldn’t be the problem XD Unless I gained way more weight than I thought I did from just being lazy…

  4. black peace now items seem so good o.o!!

  5. I love all the Black Peace Now items! What a great haul.

    • Exactly – should have bought this one alone, but I’d already bought the other bag & coudn’t pass BPN up. Always do your research and look around before buying – doh!

  6. that assymetric skirt looks really cool! Why aren’t they having lucky bag sales here 🙁 grmbl …

    • I now! Lucky bag sales are SUCH a good idea both for the brands clearing out their winter unsold stock, and for shoppers to get real bargains! It really should catch on! I think Tokyo Rebel in the US does it though, or has a few lucky bags to sell on 🙂

      • Hm, I don’t think I’ve seen a lucky bag sale around Indy… I’ll have to put that in the notebook of ideas for when I eventually open my own shop…

  7. Wow. You hit the jackpot. I’d take it all. I love the tanks. And of course, the jacket with the buckles. But the tee-shirt dress is my favorite.


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