Iron Fist Fave Shoes

It would be remiss of me not to feature the awesome shoes of Iron Fist, having only glimpsed some of the new ones in my last post. And as I was asked what my faves were, here are some of them:

Muerte Punk Platform

Zebracorn Platform

Kiss Me Cobra Wedge

Mombassa Punk Platform

Zombie Stomper Platform

Kwassa Kwassa Platform


  1. those zombie stomper platforms are pretty kick ass.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  2. They certainly are – I just wish they came with a chunkier bigger platform!

  3. Woah those shoes are insane!

  4. Those shoes are all awesome but I just LOVE the first one! 😀
    I think most of the women feel more confident and feminine with heels (when you are not afraid to fall down =D) but with this kind of shoes, you must feel like the world is yours :p ^^

  5. *Laughs* Jamie Lee, yeah they are a little insane, with their bright coours and out-there motifs – like the whole range!

    A – I totally feel that a good pair of heels/platforms can make you feel more like an amazon (even if you're only 156cm, like me!)

  6. WHOA! Haven't seen anything like those before! The Zebracorn and the Muearte Punk platform are my fave!

  7. Those are amazing! I love the ones with the little rosettes!

  8. Love these, especially the first ones. And I agree, a chunkier platform,and they would be perfect.

    I love your new profile pic by the way.

  9. I personally have never gotten around to buying any Iron Fist but I love LOVE their designs. Someday….