In Langkawi!

Well, when it comes to sun, sea and sand, Langkawi doesn’t disappoint.

As the plane started its descent, I could see the glorious blue-green ocean with a multitude of islands, and remembered the thrill of island holidays. Alright, so it started to rain the minute we touched down – literally. I didn’t let that dampen my spirits, as I know by now that it’s hot in the morning, rains around noon and then often clears up. It was still raining when I checked into the Sunset Resort, but by the time I’d unpacked, it was sunny again, and hot as you like!

Quick smart I got into my swimmers and headed for the beach. The water was sooo warm, almost like Thailand (well, Langkawi isn’t far south), The beach itself is quite pretty, although I’d read that Pantai Tengah isn’t as nice as the main beach. And it’s clean, and not at all rough, as I’d also read. It was lovely and calm, and I just floated in the water like a leaf on the breeze.

Unfortunately there’s no wi-fi as was advertised, so stuff stored on my laptop will have to stay there for now as I can only use internet cafe’s. And there’s no time for me to draft lovely prose for my posts. It’s all off-the-cuff, no time for editing, slightly bland accounts for now.

I will certainly post about my time in KL in more depth soon. For now, it’s dinner time, and I have seafood to eat (and maybe a banana pancake? Maybe a cendol or ais kechang then…) And a walk along the beach is also in order, followed by a tropical cocktail perhaps. I’ll let you know 🙂


  1. One more place is there in Thailand where you can get sea,sand and sun is Nikki Beach Thailand Resort. I went there and believe me it is a gem of koh samui bungalow resort.