Halloween; All Hallows Eve Ball in Sydney

Those of us in the Gothic community get very excited about Halloween, especially if there’s a ball or a party involved. It gives us the chance to really go to town on a costume! For most of us do enjoy dressing up, and I have to admit, since I stopped doing plays and musicals, alternative and goth clubs are my best excuses to get theatrical again 🙂
For Halloween at the All Hallows Eve Ball, I just went gothicky and my husband went as Satan. He totally overshadowed me that night – I guess he’s allowed, every now and then. He rather enjoyed scampering around evilly and prodding people. See for yourself:

I dug out my wedding corset from Vicious Venus (as seen in this post), and paired it with a purple tulle tutu, a black gauzy skirt from Banana Fish and Yosuke USA boots (both from Tokyo). Hat, mask and lashes were described in my Tokyo Decadance post.
His pants are from Tripp NYC, with jacket and shirt from Newtown op shops, and devil accessories from costume/novelty stores. I think we made quite the dashing pair!