Hair heroine, Mari Moon

I have a new girl crush.

I’ve never even heard of this girl before tonight, but I’ve fallen in love with her blue hair (though it has also been pink, and green, and purple, and….). Then I discovered she’s a VJ for MTV. Then I saw the Mari Moon blog and loved its design.

I present to you the Brazilian personality:

Mari Moon

Clearly alternative, she loves her gothic subculture as well as Japanese fashion, bright colours (esp aqua) and big pouffy tutus. I can relate to this woman!

I don’t know what she’s saying here, but I WANT HER HAIR!!! This would have to be my hands-down fave hairstyle (and colour, vying with purple)

She has dark brown hair like me, and so has to get her roots bleached each month or so, before the bright colour is applied. Want to see her get her hair done?

And now for some other looks.

From 2007

Her fans have their own blog Team Mari Moon, if you want more photos and news (obviously google translate will be your friend).

She has done magazine covers, showing her love of kawaii style

Mari had a previous blog on Vox if you want to see more (it’s in aqua/turquoise, same as mine 🙂
And here’s the Mari Moon Youtube.

Does anyone know much about her? Since it’s all in Portuguese, I know very little. Hope you enjoyed the pictures anyway – I have major hair envy!


  1. Ahhh I know her! I’m brazilian and i see her almost everyday on Acesso Mtv. She was born in São Paulo, is Vj, stylist and also otaku! o/ That’s all i know about her ^^’ sorry my english